Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Hopes Were Dashed....

Well, my green jar didn't sell for as much as I hoped. $22.72. Some green ones have sold for $60 or more. Oh well...I put it on a 3 day auction....I probably should have been more patient and went with a 7 day auction just to give it a bit more time.
Rare Green Ball Perfect Mason Jar
Paid $1.00 Sold for $22.72
Profit after fees and packaging - $17.47
I bought this cute little boy doll at a sale a couple of months ago. The girl that went with him was also at the sale and the guy tried to get me to buy her but she looked dirty so I didn't buy. When I got home and looked them up I wish I'd had bought her because they would have been better as a couple.

 "First Kiss" Boy Porcelain Doll
Paid $2.00 Sold for $9.45
Profit after fees and packaging - $7.24
Got a call today about more jars. Went and picked up 40 more! Now I am definitely all stocked up on jars and am just waiting for the orders to start rolling in! Ha! I probably have 400 or more jars now. Hope I can sell some soon!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. I think you still did good with the jar. I know what you mean though, I get frustrated when I sell something that does not do as well as others have sold for. I try and list my auction items to end on a Saturday or Sunday, I have read where that helps but I'm still trying to figure out if it does or not.

  2. I've heard differing views about the best time to list and end and all that. I wish I knew for sure! Thanks Rhonda! ~~Pam