Friday, November 8, 2013

Today's Finds

Paid $6.38
Paid $3.38
Well, I actually got out of the house today! Went to Goodwill and found these 2 items. I've had pretty good success selling the vanity mirrors. I think I've sold 3 in the past couple of months. Not a huge money maker but like I said...every little bit helps!  The Yankee Candle cost me more than I wanted to pay but I figure I can probably still make at least $10 clear on it. This scent is apparently discontinued as I tried to find it on their website and it wasn't there. This candle is used but only about an inch of it is gone. I sold a Yankee Candle "Lily of the Valley" scent a couple of months ago for $17.50! The thing is I only had to pay 50 cents for it at a yard sale so I ended up making $13.42 profit on that one! I started this one at $21.95 with a 3 day auction. We'll see what happens. I'm kinda hopeful because this one sold for a pretty good price! It was new but mine is almost new!
I was reading Adley's blog and his interview with Tiffany Nabors. She said she "starts everything off with a 3 day auction" and she says it increases the sales in her store. I think I'm going to try that tactic for awhile and see what happens.
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