Saturday, June 25, 2016

Need Your Help!

So, I bought these shoes at a yard sale a few weeks ago and have been trying to find some like it on eBay and haven't been able to! They are Air Jordans and it looks to me like they have the original Air Jordan Wings Logo on the tongue. I couldn't find any that have it on the tongue and maybe it doesn't mean anything but I'd like to know if these are maybe worth a bit more or not. The date on the inside says 2009. They are in pretty good used condition...just some staining on the bottoms and some pilling on the inside. I wish Meinard still had his blog but he must have deleted it cuz I haven't been able to find it! I figured he might know! Thanks for any input you all might have! I'd like to list them Sunday evening! ~~Pam

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trains and Fruit Baskets

For lack of a better title I just used what I sold the past 24 hours! I had this little wooden train set listed for quite awhile. Don't remember for sure what I paid for it. It's on its way to Anchorage Alaska!

Montgomery Schoolhouse Wood Train Set
Paid $1.00? - Sold for $14.95 - Profit $11.64

My youngest sister gave me these a few weeks ago after they didn't sell at her yard sale. A nice gift to help us out!
Wood Fruit Baskets
Gift from one of my sisters - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $9.24

Well, that's about it for now. I didn't get anything listed yet today and it's five minutes till midnight! Maybe I will shoot for this old Pella Cook Book. I paid 10 cents for it and it looks like the average price sold is about $10.00! It's a really neat old Dutch cookbook in very good condition!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hello everyone! Just stopping by to post a few my only sales on eBay so far this month! Sounds like it's slow for most people. Life has been crazy this past few weeks so I haven't had time to list much. Hopefully I can start to remedy that today! I'm hoping to stay home and get things done!

35 Vintage Flower Buttons
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $8.31

Mens Skecher Shoes
Paid $3.00 - Sold for $35.00 - Profit $27.59

Lot of Brain Quest
These were from our personal stash accumulated over the years.
Sold for $24.95 - Profit $21.71

Vintage Yahtzee Game
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $12.50 - Profit $10.10

Pink Pyrex Casserole Dish
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $29.95 - Profit $22.85

I did sell about $150 worth of jars and vases in my vintage Etsy shop and then a couple of small sets of buttons in my Etsy button shop. Well, better get busy on the day! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam