Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Too Busy!

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I've posted! Life is just crazy busy all of  the time! I seem to have trouble keeping up with anything anymore! I try to get things listed but it seems there are always distractions or other things that need done too. I guess that's just life! I will show you a few of the better sales that I've had the past couple of months!
I've been reading about others that are selling shoes ....especially shoes for older people, so I've started dabbling in them and I like it! I had these listed at $49.95 but took a best offer on them.
Amazonas Black Mary Janes
Paid $3.00 - Sold for $38.95 - Profit - 32.14

I saw these New Balance shoes at Goodwill for $12.38 and I debated and debated on getting them but since they were new with tags I figured I could at least make a little on them! As you can see, I did!

Mens New Balance Shoes
Paid $12.38 - Sold for $59.95 - Profit $36.45
This next pair wasn't quite as expensive of a brand but they were in really good shape so I bought them.

Womens Nine West Shoes
Paid $2.00 - Sold for $21.00 - Profit $17.43
Next up is an old afghan that I think my great aunt must have made. My mom gave it to me to try to sell and I did! The customer was really happy with it and said it looked even better in person!

Granny Square Afghan
Free - Sold for $35 - Profit $30.29
Bought this cassette case at Goodwill for $2.38. It holds tapes on both sides. I must have accidently put "Free Shipping" on this one....I hate when that happens! So, I didn't end up making a whole lot on it.

Double Cassette Tape Case
Paid $2.38 - Sold for $20.00 - Profit $5.89
I also read somewhere about longer denim dresses selling well so when I saw this one I picked it up. It still had tags on it!

Womens Blue Denim Dress
Paid $3.00 - Sold for $18.95 - Profit $12.00
I had read on Suzanne A Wells blog, or maybe it was one of her YouTube videos that I saw, that these jar openers are selling well because older people like to have them. This one was never used and still in the box!

Black & Decker Jar Opener
Paid $4.00 - Sold for $27.50 - Profit $26.30
And last but not least, my mom and sister were going through some of my dad's things and found several tape cases holding these cassettes that he had taped book readings on quite a few years ago. They were just going to throw them away but I figured they might sell even with having been used. I put them all in one box of 187 tapes and sold them within a few weeks. (you really can sell about anything on eBay!)

187 Cassette Tapes
Free - Sold for $19.95 - Profit $16.64
Update on my old magazine sales......I've made $494.32 profit so far! I finally got around to listing a few more last night...I still have lots that I need to get to though!
Well, that's about it for now! I'll try to update more often! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam