Friday, January 31, 2014

Update on My Goal

Well, as you can see from the ticker on the right, I didn't get anywhere near my goal of listing $100/day....let alone my original goal of $200/day! Well, it is what it is. I probably could have tried harder but sometimes life just gets crazy! The funny thing is, I almost sold a total of what I listed which is a lot better than I thought it would be. So does this mean if I would have listed $3000 worth of stuff I might have sold that much? Maybe I'm cutting myself short by not trying harder! In the month of January I sold $1056.65 in my Etsy vintage shop, $4.75 in my Etsy button shop and $463.42 on eBay for a total of $1524.82! I figured after the cost of the things I sold and the fees and packing costs that I cleared $1083.64 profit! Not too shabby! I would like to need to try to double that though so I do need to work harder I guess. I would really like to get all of my inventory listed before the yard sales start up again. I don't have anything really thrilling to sell but I could at least get it listed and see what happens! Here's what I sold today:

Set of 16 Jello Molds
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $11.50 - Profit $9.75

25 Zinc Lids
These are part of the lids I got the other day from a lady north of here. I ended up paying her $25.00 for 75 lids. She wanted 50 cents each which would have been $37.50 but I told her I couldn't go more than $25 which made them 33 cents each. Anyway, I just hated paying anything for them because usually when I buy jars from people a lot of them come with lids or they just throw them in extra! So tonight I thought I wanted to at least get my $25 back fairly soon so I listed these for $29.95 and they sold within a couple of hours! I figured it pretty close too because if I figure that I paid $25 for just these 25 lids and then take off fees I ended up 69 cents in the hole! Now at least I can figure that the other 50 lids are paid for free and clear! And I got my money back!
Well, I need to get to bed. Thanks so much for stopping by! ~~Pam

Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to Lose 9 Pounds in One Day!

It's really not a very good diet plan because to do it you have to get SICK! Oh my, really, really sick! I haven't felt this rotten in ages! I really thought I wasn't going to get it but I did and 2 of our other kids did too. Now there is only one in the house that hasn't had it. It was the stomach flu but I also ached so bad, hadn't had that in ages either. Anyway, I do feel a little better this morning so hopefully in another 24 hours I'll be good as new.

I only got on computer 2 times yesterday for just a minute or so (a record for me, I'm sure). I had that big order of jars that I was supposed to mail out yesterday but there was no way I was able to get it ready so I need to do that today. Also sold some more of my husbands work pants and some Stampin' Up stamp sets that I've had for ages and know I will never use again.
Paid Free - Sold for $20.45

Sold for $30.32
So I need to get those 2 orders plus the jars ready today. Hope I can handle it! There was nobody around yesterday that wasn't sick to do much of anything so the house is a shambles! I did ask Gideon (my 12 yr. old who had already had this) to unload the dishes and put them away and then stack all the dirty dishes by the sink and wipe off counters and sweep the floor. I told him to see if his Dad would help him and he did help! So the kitchen isn't too bad. My den (office) is terrible though! I think everybody just throws everything in here that they don't know what to do with!
Well, I should try to get busy, or go back to bed....thanks for stopping by! Hope you all don't get this! It's awful! ~~Pam

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Phone Covers

When I was doing a search on Google for jars I found these adorable cell phone covers! I really think I should have this first one, don't you? I would get it too but it's not for my phone and after searching eBay and Etsy I couldn't find one that would work either. I just love this first one with the pretty! 

I sold 2 sets of buttons today to the same person. These are the first ones I've sold this year. I have so many buttons and so little time to list them!
 5 Green Buttons with Chinese Design
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $2.00
50 Gray Buttons
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $2.75
Profit on this order - $3.73

Avon Thomas Jefferson Gun Decanter
Paid 10 cents - Sold for $7.50 plus $17.08 shipping to UK - Profit $8.49
I made a little on shipping on this order
Womens Size 6 Levis
Paid 25 cents  - Sold for $9.95 w/free shipping - Profit $2.86
I don't remember if I meant to offer free shipping on these jeans...I don't usually offer free shipping so I'm thinking it was a mistake, and when I see the profit it definitely was a mistake either way! But, I had the jeans hanging around forever so it's good that they sold.
My washer is going on the blink so the repairman came the other day and said it couldn't be fixed! We had a 5 yr. warranty through Best Buy and it wasn't even 2 years old so they told me to go pick out a new one! It's nice to be able to do that but it's the last thing I wanted to do today! But I did and the new one will be delivered next Tuesday. The one I have is still hanging on but it makes terrible noise. I just hope it lasts till next week!
While we were out I met up with a lady who had some blue jars for me. She had 30 jars so I'm glad to get a few more to keep me going! She also had 75 zinc lids which I'm glad to get as I was getting low.
Well, I need to hit the hay....thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Monday, January 27, 2014

Good Day for Jars!

Today I sold 10 quart jars and then I had a request for 6 half gallon and 15 pint size jars! That order came to $165.00!!! I still have to get the orders ready yet so I will update with profit totals when I get them ready. My supply is starting to get a little low! I probably have 20-30 of the Perfect Mason quart jars left and some pints. I have quite a few of the old sloped shoulder style but they don't sell as fast. I have a lady that called a few weeks ago that has 36 quarts and some zinc lids. I think I'll give her a call tomorrow and hopefully will be able to meet up with her to get them!
We've got the stomach bug here. My little 7 yr. old and 12 yr. old started vomiting last evening and then hubby came down with it during the night. I don't usually get the stomach flu and so far I haven't. It's weird how both kids came down with it practically at the same time. The other 3 that are home haven't gotten it  yet....well, one complained of stomach pains and mine has had a few twinges. The little kids seemed better tonight so at least it doesn't seem to last long.
I bought these trays at Goodwill a few months ago for 88 cents each. Took forever to sell. Some do sell but mine must be the plain Jane variety. Didn't make much but at least they're gone!
5 Toleware Trays
Paid $3.52 Sold for $9.95 - Profit $3.57

10 Blue Ball Quart Jars
Paid $10.00 - Sold for $65.00 - Profit $44.97

6 Blue Ball Half Gallon Jars and 15 Blue Ball Pint Jars
Paid $21.00 - Sold for $165.00
Thanks so much for stopping by! ~~Pam

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday's Sales

70 Wooden Spools
Paid $3.00? - Sold for $25.00 Profit $20.28

Vintage Dresser Scarf
Paid 50 Cents - Sold for $5.00 - Profit $4.02

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fridays' Sales

Paid $6.00 - Sold for $25.00 - Profit $18.68
Homer Laughlin Platter
Paid 30 cents - Sold for $9.50 - Profit $6.49

Friday, January 24, 2014

Before and After

Okay, I am finally getting this post up! My internet must be really slow this afternoon because it took forever to upload the pictures. So without further ado, here are the before pictures of our kitchen....or should I say the "after" we started pictures! I had forgotten to take "before" pictures so my daughter took a few after we already were taking cupboard doors off and making a general mess! We also had already painted the ceiling and the wall above the cupboards. Our original color was kind of a gold and we had oak trim. Now the trim is white. I wish we would have gotten "neat" before pictures....we really don't live like this! (at least not all of the time :)

My 12 yr. old son Gideon is in this picture...or at least half of him!

 Looks so much better, or at least neater, doesn't it? I love it! The red looks a little darker in these pictures than it actually is. We used our original handles and hinges and spray painted them a flat black. I really like how they turned out. It adds a lot! We used beadboard wallpaper that we painted between the cupboards and on the island. Our countertop is a dark green kind of granite look and we are thinking of re-doing the tops with a kit and making them a black granite look but I'm not sure about it now. There really isn't anything wrong with our countertops and I hate to take a chance on how a faux look will turn out. Also, above the cupboards somebody just put the stuff up there so someday I will probably try to rearrange and add to the d├ęcor up there but for now it's good enough!
 I really love the look of the laminate floor. I think we got a mahogany color. My mom paid for it and my son and daughter-in-law laid it down for us. So pretty!
I'm not sure if we'll leave the floral glass in these cupboard doors. I was thinking of maybe putting some kind of chicken wire or something different in them. Our house was made in 1997 so this kind of glass is probably outdated but I really don't mind how it looks right now either. Changing it will cost money so it'll probably be on the back burner! Notice I still don't have the light switch covers on this side! Also my daughter stained the edges of the counters with a darker stain. The side by the fridge is done and then the part under the glass cupboards is finished but she still needs to get the sink side done. She did the window ledges too. Looks so much better!
Also need to get a couple of knobs for the 2 drawers under the sink.

And here is my window that I take my jar pictures at! It's been a cold blustery week this week!
So, what do you think? Do you like the red cupboards? I originally was going to go with all red cabinets but I really like the white on top. I think all red would have been too much in our kitchen. I really like the's called "Spanish Olive". The red is "Bubble Gum" red. I'm just glad it's mostly done! I still have some other rooms that need some work done on them. The boys bedroom definitely needs done soon! I just need to get in the right frame of mind to do it! I love how things look when they are done and all fresh but I really don't like doing it! There's enough to do around here with just basic everyday stuff and never enough time to get it all done!
Thanks so much for taking a look! ~~Pam



Sales and Kitchen Reveal

Yesterday I sold these two items. I don't know if I meant to have free shipping on them or if it was a mistake but they got free shipping so I didn't make much profit. At least I had already sold the bulk of the Pez dispensers I had gotten last summer and these were just a few extras so I had already figured the cost in the first listing.  Also with the photo album, it was something my daughter had received from someone else and she didn't want it so it didn't cost me anything.
12 Pez Dispensers
Cost - All ready paid for with the first listing
Sold for $8.00 w/free shipping
Profit - $3.45

Victorian Elegance Photo Album
Cost - From my daughter who didn't want it anymore
Sold for $10.00 w/free shipping
Profit - $3.16
I finally got pictures taken yesterday of the kitchen! I have to run out this morning but I should be able to get a post up this afternoon with pictures!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Selling Avon a Little at a Time

As I've said before, last fall I bought quite a bit of old Avon decanters, most still full for 10 cents each. They are taking forever to sell but I do sell one here and there. This little rhino is going all the way to Australia!
Avon Rhino Decanter Aftershave
Paid 10 cents  - Sold for $6.00 + shipping - Profit - $5.75

I sold another 15 jars yesterday! Chase was happy.....the credit card company, not my husband! (hubby's name is Bill) Well, my husband was happy too...:). We are just taking it one day at a time right now...I guess that's all we can do. It will be nicer when spring comes. My husband has a small lawn care business so that should help out for the summer. Also, I'm really looking forward to finding lots of treasures at yard sales to resell! Reading everyones blogs about what to look for will really help! Last summer I was mainly focused on my Etsy shops but now I know more what to look for to sell on eBay so hopefully I will be able to make more money!

15 Blue Ball Quart Jars
Paid $15.00 Sold for $95.00
Well, I didn't get that last wall painted yesterday so I'm off to do that right now! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yesterday I had to package up 6 orders. This shirt and lion and then the 4 things I sold the day before. I got that 30 jar order ready....I tell ya, I don't think I will ever do that again! I definitely won't be giving such a big discount as free shipping! After the cost of the jars which is $30, shipping, which was $33.15, fees which were $13.10 and then the packing materials, which were $12.50 I ended up with $111.25 clear profit. Which is probably a good hourly wage. I probably had 4-5 hours in them....a couple to clean them and then it took at least 2 hours to box them all up. I am so worried about the size of the box! I had to rig up a box for one thing...I had 2 apple boxes and then had to add a little on each end to fit all the jars and I used a ton of packing tape (4 rolls to be exact) to tape everything together The box ended up measuring 26x25x14! Very big and oxie. Good thing I have a nice strong son that is willing to take it to the Post Office for me! I could never do it, so it makes me feel bad that I even mailed it in such a thing. I have the jars packed in there very well with 2 squares of bubble wrap wrapped around each one. But since it's so big I'm afraid it'll get dropped and who knows what'll happen! Next time someone wants that many jars I will just tell them they have to be mailed in 2 different boxes and they'll have to pay for it! I don't need the worry!
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $10.50 - Profit $7.22

Simba Plush
Paid $1.69 - Sold for $12.50 - Profit $9.08
Here's my chart to show that listing more definitely helps the statistics for your shop. I've been doing a lot better in my vintage shop. The button shop I just haven't had time to list in so much but I do think I'm getting more views in it since I make mention of it in all my listings in my vintage shop. I just need to sort some buttons!  Anyway, everything in my vintage shop is a lot better than last week and SO much better  than the first week!
I haven't really looked into it yet but is there a way to track views and favorites in my eBay store?
Well, I've got lots to do today. Our kitchen is almost done! I have one part to paint on one wall and then maybe I'll get some pictures up for you to see....I'm sorry it's taking so long!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Sales!

I had a few good sales today! Sold the Raggedy Ann & Andy on eBay. Aren't they cute? They were in excellent condition at Goodwill.
36 Inch Raggedy Ann & Andy
Paid $3.38 - Sold for $39.95 - Profit $29.87
The lady who wanted the 30 jars finally paid tonight! I was getting worried! She was on a tight budget so since we needed the money I gave in and included shipping in the $200 price. I figure shipping will be around $35 so I actually sold the jars for $165. Not crazy about doing that but right now I have plenty of jars so I figured I would go for it.

30 Blue Ball Quart Jars
Paid $30.00 - Sold for $200 which includes shipping - Profit $111.25

Sold this pretty table runner for $5.00 on Etsy.

Floral Table Runner
Paid 50 cents - Sold for $5.00 - Profit $4.30
I also sold a set of 10 quart jars today! And I got shipping extra to boot!
                                                                10 Blue Ball Quart Jars
Paid $10.00 - Sold for $65.00 plus $22.50 shipping - Profit $49.06
So Monday I will be very busy getting these orders ready. The table runner and dolls will be a breeze. The jar orders will take me about 3 hours.
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday's Sales

Lot of Game Pieces
Paid ? - Sold for $8.50 - Profit

8 Blue Ball Pint Jars
Paid $8.00 - Sold for $56.00 - Profit $45.89
I've been collecting odds and ends game pieces for quite awhile knowing that they will sell. These are just from games we've had over the years. I started them at $10 but nothing ever happened so I lowered them to starting at $8.50. I got one bid. I was hoping for more but I guess a little bit for something that's just been sitting around is okay. I printed shipping and then realized they hadn't paid yet! Don't know what I was thinking! I will wait to mail it out till I get paid, that's for sure!
It's frustrating to me when someone asks for specific things like a custom order for jars and then they take days to pay! This order for the 8 pint jars went okay, it's just that it took a few days. The order for 30 jars is still in limbo...she said she would pay Tuesday or Wednesday so by Thursday night I sent her a message to see if she still wanted them. She got right back to me and said yes, she would pay Friday. So far, no pay! I guess it's just frustrating because I need to know if I can count on that money coming in! If I didn't need the money I would tell her the offer of free shipping expires today! Well, enough of my complaining!
After my busy day the other day I fizzled out yesterday and didn't accomplish much of anything! So today I need to get busy....thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update on My List

2 Tea Towels
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $5.00 - Profit $3.29
Well I did better today than I thought I would but I didn't finish everything. I've been battling a cold all week so everything I did seemed to take a lot out of me. I will have to add the beadboard look wallpaper to tomorrows list. Hopefully I can cut my sons hair tomorrow or Saturday. Also, maybe I can get my den cleaned up tomorrow too. I still have a bunch of jars sitting around in here just waiting for my buyer to pay, which she says she will tomorrow. Of course then I will have to get 30 jars all packed up! Yikes! Anyway, I think posting a "to-do" list really helped me to stay focused on getting things crossed off! It made working a little bit more fun!
If you notice my ticker I am almost up to listing $1000 so far this month! Of course I should be past $1500 by now. Still hoping to do more next week! We are having company Sunday so we are hoping to have the house pretty much done by then. 
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Today's To-Do List

Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp
Paid $3.38 - Sold for $14.95 - Profit $12.05
This is what I sold yesterday. I listed it about a week ago and it was still sitting on my desk! Glad to get that off! I still need to get it packaged up today. Yesterday I got my 20 jar order ready and shipped plus a 5 jar order and the wooden spools that I sold. I had a lady order 8 pint size jars but she hasn't actually gone through the payment process yet and neither has the one who wants 30 jars. I'm hoping they pay today as I'd like to get the jars out of my den plus I'd like need to pay a couple of bills today!
So, we have been fiddling around on this kitchen long enough and today I'm hoping to make a big dent in the "to-do" list for it. If my 19 year old son Sam can get the rest of the cupboard doors hung and if I can get my list done, then it'll be pretty much finished! Trouble is, my list is pretty long and I need to have most of it done by 5:00 this afternoon! So, to keep myself accountable, I will post my list here and cross it off as I go! That'll give me an incentive to get it done! I've already got my shower so I'm raring to go.....ha!
Basic Stuff:
Read Bible  read Leviticus ch. 20, 21 and Matthew ch. 28
clean up laundry room and start laundry   2nd load in, 3rd load in, last load in
clean up boys bathroom
clean up our bed and bath
get lamp order ready  also got a tea towel order ready to mail out
have one of the kids mail it out
clean up my den (office) so the floor is fairly noticeable!
cut Gideons hair (my 12 year old)
finish laundry all folded, hung and put away! ( a rare occurance!)
Kitchen Stuff:
clean out fridge
move out fridge and paint behind
paint back of cupboards that face the family room
paint window side of kitchen above cupboards
put up beadboard wallpaper between top & bottom cupboards on fridge side - finished on 1/18
put up beadboard wallpaper on stove side
paint the beadboard wallpaper
I'm posting this at 8:15 this morning.
If I can get all that done it'll be a miracle! Stay tuned! ~~Pam
p.s. While I take little breaks throughout the day I'm going to try to list a few things as I've been lax on that goal the past few days. Here's what I've listed so far:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Update

5 Clear Atlas Jars
Paid $5.00 - Sold for $30.00 - Profit $23.83

54 Wooden Spools
Paid $1 or $2? - Sold for $10.50 - Profit $6.62
I sold these wooden spools tonight on eBay. I listed them at auction starting at $10.00. I really don't seem to have a lot of success on auctions for the most part. I should have been able to get more for these. I should have just listed them in my Etsy shop. I sold 55 empty wooden spools a year ago and got $18.50 for them. I don't know why I didn't just list them on DownVintageLane. Or I guess I should have started the auction at a higher price. Oh well...ya win some, ya lose some I guess. I don't remember what I would have paid for these. I had a few different batches that I had bought here and there but I probably didn't pay more than a couple of bucks for them. I guess somebody else just got a good deal!
I sold 5 clear jars today. The lady that wants the 30 jars hasn't paid yet. She said either today or tomorrow so I'm hoping it's soon! I had another lady ask me about 6 or 8 pint jars. She never got back to me after I answered her. Sometimes people say they want something and then ya never hear from them again!
I spent probably an hour and a half washing about 75 blue quart jars this afternoon! I decided to wash them in the bathtub as our kitchen faucet seems to be running really slow here lately and it would have taken forever to do them in the kitchen sink! The jars I get are usually fairly dirty. I take a brillo pad and scrub the outside and then put the brillo pad on the inside and take a long handled scrub brush and stick it in the jar and grab the brillo pad with the end of the scrub brush and twirl it all around on the inside scrubbing away! I did about 10 at a time....first the outside on all of them, then the inside on all of them, then I would rinse them all out and set them on a towel. The first 20 or 30 went pretty fast but I definitely slowed down the more I did! I know that tomorrow I will feel muscles in my arms and legs that I haven't felt in a long time! It's a little different washing them in the bathtub! I bent over the tub, I stood by the tub and bent over, I sat on the stool and leaned over....just about any ol' position I could get in I was in! At least they're done and in the morning I will get my 20 jar order ready and hope that I can get the 30 jar ready too! It'll take awhile to pack up that many jars. I feel like I put plenty of work into those jars and I earn my money!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

I forgot all about updating my "experiment" yesterday so I've posted the statistics here below:

Of course we all know that the more you list, the more views you'll get and the more you'll sell. My vintage shop is definitely doing better! My button shop had more people who favored it, not as many views as last week but more than the first week. Still no sales the past 2 weeks but I really haven't been listing much yet. I'm hoping that after this week is over and we (hopefully) have most of this painting and sprucing up done that I will be able to make myself some kind of schedule to get more listed!

I will probably put up another post later tonight with any new sales that I might have! ~~Pam

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jars and More Jars!

Tonight I sold 20 jars and 20 zinc lids to one lady. Then a few minutes later I sold 5 jars to another. In the meantime I had a lady that had asked me about 30 jars a few weeks ago get ahold of me and we worked out a deal on those so I put up a listing for her! She says she won't be able to pay until tomorrow or Wednesday so I'm not quite counting those chickens yet but it will sure help if it goes through!
5 Ball Jars
Paid $5.00 Sold for $32.50 - Profit $26.77

20 Ball Jars AND 20 Zinc Lids
Paid $20.00 - Sold for $145.00 - Profit $107.50
Didn't get anything new listed today. Didn't get any painting done today either. I did take my oldest daughter into town so she could get her oil changed and we went to the bank and the post office. Was going to go to Goodwill but they had some kind of meeting or something this morning and weren't going to open until 1:00! Then I went to Dollar Tree for shipping supplies and went to Aldi for milk, bread and eggs! When I got home I relaxed for a bit and then started the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned up our bedroom and bathroom, made some homemade 30 minute dinner rolls and heated up some homemade chicken soup that I made the other day. After we ate supper I didn't accomplish much of anything! If I could have kept on a roll I could have gotten a lot done! I've been fighting a cold the past few days though so I don't have a whole lot of gumption!
So, I guess I will be washing lots of jars the next couple of days! :) And...hopefully working some in the kitchen too....maybe I'll wash a few jars, let some soak, paint a little bit, wash some jars, let some soak, paint a little more....
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Best Kinds of Sales

Every once in awhile someone will give me something that I can sell. My family knows what I do and they like to go finding things for me to sell that might help us out. As I've said before, my sister Naomi has given me quite a few things here lately and tonight another item that she gave me sold! These salt & pepper shakers went pretty quick! I've made $79.15 profit on things Naomi has given me in the past few weeks! Thank you my dear sister! 
Wood Salt & Pepper Shakers
Gift from my sister Naomi - Sold for $7.95 plus shipping - Profit $7.77
 My oldest daughter Autumn found 3 Starbucks coffee mugs in the trash of one of her cleaning jobs. I already sold the "Shanghai" one for a profit of $9.22 and yesterday I sold this "Chicago" mug for $9.50. I still have a "Hawaii" one. They seemed to take quite awhile to sell. I must not have had the ones that go for more money. Anyway, Autumn is always on the lookout for stuff for me. Thank you my sweet daughter! A funny (not really...more crazy) story about this mug...I got the order and decided to get it ready to go right away. I wrapped it in tissue paper and then put some bubble wrap on my desk and set the mug down on the bubble wrap...and I heard a noise! I thought it sounded like I might have knicked it but then I figured it was probably just one of the bubbles that popped but I figured I better take a look so I opened up the tissue paper and sure enough there was the tiniest little piece of the cup laying there! It was crazy! I didn't slam the cup down or anything...just set it down on bubble wrap! The knick was so so tiny that you could barely even tell it was there so then I was in a quandary as to what to do but I figured I better fess up to the buyer. I took a picture of the cup and then let them know what happened. I offered a $3.00 refund if they still wanted it or a full refund if they didn't. They took the $3.00 refund so I sent the cup. You can see the chip in the 2nd picture below. It's more noticeable in the picture than it was in real life. Anyway, I'm glad they were understanding!
Gift from my daughter Autumn - Sold for $9.50 - Refunded $3.00 - Profit $5.67


So I guess what I was going to say about "best kinds of sales"....they are the ones where you don't have any investment in it yourself! And I really do appreciate my family for thinking of me!

We worked a lot in the kitchen today! I can see it starting to come together. I wasn't sure about the red cabinets and I also painted the island a "Spanish Olive" green and I wasn't sure about that but once we started getting the top cabinets painted white it all started to look lots better! Still have some to go on it but I'm hoping that by Tuesday or Wednesday we can have it all finished up so I can share pictures! Oh, and my daughter had taken "before" pictures with her ipad...I might just keep it real and show them too!

Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

p.s. Almost forgot to update! I listed 3 auctions starting at $10 each and another auction at $12.50 so my total listings for today are at least $42.50....not quite my $100/day, is it? I will try really hard to catch up after all this painting is done!