Friday, January 31, 2014

Update on My Goal

Well, as you can see from the ticker on the right, I didn't get anywhere near my goal of listing $100/day....let alone my original goal of $200/day! Well, it is what it is. I probably could have tried harder but sometimes life just gets crazy! The funny thing is, I almost sold a total of what I listed which is a lot better than I thought it would be. So does this mean if I would have listed $3000 worth of stuff I might have sold that much? Maybe I'm cutting myself short by not trying harder! In the month of January I sold $1056.65 in my Etsy vintage shop, $4.75 in my Etsy button shop and $463.42 on eBay for a total of $1524.82! I figured after the cost of the things I sold and the fees and packing costs that I cleared $1083.64 profit! Not too shabby! I would like to need to try to double that though so I do need to work harder I guess. I would really like to get all of my inventory listed before the yard sales start up again. I don't have anything really thrilling to sell but I could at least get it listed and see what happens! Here's what I sold today:

Set of 16 Jello Molds
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $11.50 - Profit $9.75

25 Zinc Lids
These are part of the lids I got the other day from a lady north of here. I ended up paying her $25.00 for 75 lids. She wanted 50 cents each which would have been $37.50 but I told her I couldn't go more than $25 which made them 33 cents each. Anyway, I just hated paying anything for them because usually when I buy jars from people a lot of them come with lids or they just throw them in extra! So tonight I thought I wanted to at least get my $25 back fairly soon so I listed these for $29.95 and they sold within a couple of hours! I figured it pretty close too because if I figure that I paid $25 for just these 25 lids and then take off fees I ended up 69 cents in the hole! Now at least I can figure that the other 50 lids are paid for free and clear! And I got my money back!
Well, I need to get to bed. Thanks so much for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. Okay, so last time I asked you what people do with the jars. Now I'm asking what do they do with those lids? Are they buying them to put on jars or are they using them for something different, like a craft?

    1. Hi Lorraine! I just assume they are buying them for the jars otherwise I don't have any idea what they might use the lids for. ~~Pam

  2. Great numbers. You've had a lot going on with home improvements and sickness. Those are enviable numbers!

  3. I love that view out your window. You should have a live cam pointing out there-Ha!