Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Got My Phone Back!

Thank you for all your comments the other day about my phone...I did get it back yesterday! The lady was kind enough to send it back and didn't even want any compensation but I did send her $20 for her trouble.

I have been listing this month even though I haven't kept very good track of how many items I've listed, as you might have noticed by my counter to the right....which says "0". So far this month I've sold 34 things on eBay with a total of $631.20 which is an average price of $18.56 per item. Here's a few of my higher priced sales:

Allen Edmund Shoes
Free from my daughters boss - Sold for $69.95 - Profit $62.11

47 Hot Roller Hair Clips
I forget how much I paid for these but I'm thinking they were just extra ones that came with another set of hot rollers
Sold for $22.95 - Profit $19.69
I found these Holly Hobby Needlepoint pictures at Goodwill for $7.76 for both of them.
Sold for $59.95 - Profit $40.17

Asics Tennis Shoes
My daughter Gabby found these at Goodwill...I think. She gave them to me to sell.
Sold for $44.95
I really love selling shoes! I found 7 pair last Friday out at garage sales. I've taken pictures of all of them and have a couple listed so far. Going to try to finish them up before this weeks sales.
Since the beginning of April I've sold 51 jars in various sizes for a profit of about $289.00! I also picked up 59 jars from 2 different people that answered my "looking for blue jars" ad. I also have another lady that has some for me that I have to pick up. I love the blue jars!
I have been trying to get some of my buttons listed too. I sold 6 different sets of buttons for a profit of $20.42. Every little bit helps and I definitely don't need all of these buttons sitting around here!
So, that about sums it up for the past few weeks. Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Officially CRAZY!

This is a picture of the pretty cell phone case that I bought awhile back. I love my cell phone. I use my cell phone a lot! Doesn't everybody? Sadly, my cell phone is most likely on its way to California! A couple of days ago I had 5 orders to get ready. 2 of the orders were jar orders and I usually sit on my den floor and wrap them all up, pack them and then wrap the box in pretty paper! Invariably, when I sit on the floor, my cell phone, which is usually on my desk, will ring. I am no spring chicken anymore and it's hard to get up off the floor to get my phone...soooo, I put the phone on the floor somewhere around me. I was in a hurry...I had a couple of hours to get 5 orders ready....the 2 jar orders were the time consuming ones. I wanted to get the packages to the drop off station before 5:00. I was in a hurry...did I mention that already? So, I got the orders ready and finished at about 4:30. I looked around for my phone and didn't see it so I just figured it was under all the mess that was still on the floor from packing and decided to find it when I got back home. Oh how I wish I had taken a minute to dial it up and listen for the ring! Instead,  I had my son take the packages to my van and my oldest daughter and I headed to the Mailboxes Depot and dropped them off. My daughter had been making supper before we left so it was ready to eat, my husband had just gotten home so he was ready to eat, my nerves were shot from hurrying around so much, so I sat down and tried to relax and we had a nice supper. Then I thought I better find my phone...someone dialed my number and we heard nothing.....my son went and looked in the van just in case I was really crazy and had actually taken it with me and didn't remember...I dumped my purse out on the floor to see if it was hiding in there....we searched the house...then I remembered that I had the "Lookout" app. on my phone that will sound a siren to help you find it. I got on the computer and signed in and activated the alarm, still didn't hear anything. By this time I am thinking....could I have accidently (absent mindedly) put that phone in one of my packages since it was sitting on the floor? If I did, could you imagine the people at the Mailboxes place hearing that? Or the guy who picks up the packages? Then I saw that you can locate your device with some kind of tracking thing so I clicked on that....sure enough....it was in Milan Illinois....the shipping hub about 40 miles from here......oh brother....yes, I am officially crazy! How in the world? I really have no idea what package I might have put it in but I'm thinking that (naturally) it's the one going clear to California and it won't get there till Monday! I did email all my customers and told them about it and 3 of them got back to me and said they'd let me know...hopefully it's one of those 3 that get it! The one in California, where I think it might be going to said she had to laugh (who wouldn't?) and said she'd let me know as soon she gets it (if she gets it). So, I will be without my cell phone for probably at least a week and a half, if I get it back, and if it's all in one piece! Maybe I could get a world record or something for this? Surely it's never happened to anyone else? :-) I had my boy run a few more orders in yesterday and the lady asked him if his mom mailed something the day before that made noise? I don't think the package would have been there when I sounded the alarm...it would have left them by then but maybe someone had tried to call me in that little bit of time that they had it. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be laughing about it someday....everybody else is! :)

Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam