Wednesday, May 6, 2015

These Are MY Kind of Sales!

Just stopping in quickly to show a couple of good sales I've had! I found this cute little "Cozy Hugs" giraffe for a quarter at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. He's microwavable and has a lavender scent...makes him nice and cozy to snuggle up with! I researched him and there weren't any for sale right then and there were a couple of new ones that had sold for about $35 so even though he is used he is in good shape and I priced him at $35! He sold for that price! Cha-ching!
Cozy Hugs Giraffe
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $35.00 - Profit $30.08
I found this Disney photo album the same day for a quarter! I figured someone who took a Disney trip might want this. It also sold within a few days for $17.50. I'm thinking I should have asked $20! It's an older photo album with the sticky pages but it still had the plastic around it!

Disney Photo Album
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $17.50 - Profit $13.85
So....they were 2 quickly sold items that I paid 50 cents total for, fast and easy to ship and a nice profit of $43.93! Love those kinds of sales!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam