Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What I've Been Up To!

So, it's been awhile since I've posted...again! Always something going on around here to keep me busy! The first week of April one of our sons got married! This is our family along with the bride!

And this next picture is one of my prized possessions at the moment! I'm always trying to get a nice picture of our kids all together but it's hard to get everybody together! So since we were all at the wedding I asked the photographer if we could get a picture of just the kids! This is all of them from oldest (34) down to the youngest! (10) It'll probably be just a couple of years and our little girl will be as tall as the rest of them! Anyway, I just love this picture! It was a wonderful day!

I also had to work on taxes up till the last minute (naturally!) which kept me busy. And since then life just keeps me going! I have been listing more lately and I really want and need to ramp it up a bit! I did have a good deal lately! A couple of weeks ago I saw a Cutco knife block that also had a few knives with it. They wanted $10 for it which I knew wasn't a bad price because they do sell for quite a bit, but, I wanted a better price so I asked if they'd take $7 and they thought for a minute and took it! I sold it a few days ago for $159.95! :) Love those kinds of flips! Wish I could do that more often! I had listed it at $179.95 or best offer. Within a couple of hours I got 2 offers and then 2 more by the next morning. I probably should have just waited for the full amount. It's always hard to know what to do but I'm happy with how it turned out and I already received good feedback so now I can breathe a sigh of relief and transfer the money to our bank account! :)
Cutco Knives and Block
Paid $7.00 - Sold for $159.95 - Profit $131.37

Well, that's about it for now. Just thought I'd tell what's been going on! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam