Thursday, March 26, 2015


As I was cutting my husband and boys hair this afternoon I had one of the boys get the vacuum to vacuum off some of the hair on the other boys shoulders that I had cut. It reminded me of the "Flowbee" haircutting system that was advertised ages ago. I think I would like to have one! So I looked it up on eBay and sure enough there were lots on there for sale! If you'd like to see the completeds check here! Some have gone for $125!!! Something to keep on the lookout for this summer!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pricing Our Inventory

Wow...posting 2 days in a row.....woo hoo! Anyway, I sold 2 items on eBay since yesterday's post so I thought I'd share. My family has been really helpful since my husband lost his good paying job a couple of years ago. He is working but probably for half the pay he used to get. Soooo, my oldest daughter who is out on her own will find things for me to sell from time to time to help us out. A lady she cleans for gave her 3 fur coats that she didn't want anymore. They wouldn't fit my daughter or me so I'm selling them. I don't know ANYTHING about fur coats! This one didn't have any markings or tags on it to say what kind of fur it is. Winter is almost over. I sold it cheap. I researched some coats and a lot sell for more, some sell for less. I don't want these hanging around all summer and we need the money. Sometimes we might wonder why someone prices their items for less than what we think they might be able to get. I think each of us has our own unique set of circumstances that plays a part in our pricing strategy. I only have about 280 items in my eBay store so far. We need the income and usually sooner is better than later! I think if you have a lot more items in your store, then you probably have the luxury of being able to price higher because you have so many things to sell that usually something is always selling and therefore you have money coming in consistently. Until I get more inventory, I feel like I'm doing the best I can. If I find out that this coat would be worth hundreds because it's a special fur then yes, I will feel sick about it! :) In the meantime, I hope the other 2 sell just as fast as this one! I listed all 3 last night.
Fur Coat
From my daughter - Sold for $29.95 - Profit $26.63
My sister Naomi has been really helpful in finding items for me to sell too. (Thank you Naomi!) She found 4 pair of these EMT Tacticle Pants for women and this is the 2nd pair I've sold.

EMT Pants
From my sister - Sold for $17.50 - Profit $13.46
Okay, thinking about it...I'm going to show the other 2 fur coats just in case any of you might be able to help me out as to what kind they are!

Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekly Update.....SLOW!

This past week has been very slow for me, at least as far as selling is concerned! I sold 3 items on eBay and 2 in my vintage shop. It's probably my own fault....things have been busy and I haven't had taken the time to photograph or list. I've GOT to get BUSY soon! Still looking forward to yard sales which should be happening soon....we had an 80 degree day the other day! Very nice!
30 Cassette Tapes
Paid $5.00 - Sold for $22.95 - Profit $15.60

Vintage Game of Life Game Pieces
Paid ? - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $8.33

GAP Shirt
From my sister - Sold for $9.00 - Profit $8.33

3 Ball Jars
Paid $3.00 - Sold for $21.00 - Profit $19.66

22 Ball Jar Rubbers
Paid ? - Sold for $6.95 - Profit $6.74
Well, that's about it! No button sales this week or magazine sales. I'm having a sale on my magazines with a 10% discount for the next few days. I have 73 in my store!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Since Last Time

Time flies when you're having fun, right? :) It's been almost 3 weeks since I posted......yikes! Sales the first part of March are a lot slower than they were the first part of February. Here are a few of my better sales.....
I saw this box of wildlife cards at Goodwill and then walked away but the more I thought about them I thought I should look them up and I'm glad I  did! I would have been walking away from $30 profit if I had left them on the shelf!
Wildlife Treasury Cards
Paid $4.88 - Sold for $39.95 - Profit $30.47
I found these BIG shoes at Goodwill a few months ago. They are a size 17!!! The white on them was a little bit scruffy but they were in very good condition otherwise.

Nike Size 17 Shoes
Paid $4.38 - Sold for $27.50 - Profit $18.29

When my daughter and I went to an auction a few weeks ago we bought several button collectors cards like this. I figured out that I ended up paying about 14.5 cents for each button which is waaayyy more than I should have but there were some neat buttons! This collection is of pearl buttons. They are very pretty! Since there are 97 buttons on here I figured I spent about $14.00 on these alone so the profit margin isn't as good as I'd like but I did make something!

97 Pearl Buttons on Card
Paid $14.00 - Sold for $34.95 - Profit $16.15

Magazines......I figure I've sold 101 magazines so far and my actual profit so far is $693.67 which is $52.78 more than last time I posted!
The next few items are things I sold in my Etsy shop:

Robins Egg Blue Enamelware Bucket
Paid $7.50 - Sold for $21.95 - Profit $12.80

100 Old Keys
Free (they were my dads) - Sold for $15.95 - Profit $15.48

10 Sloped Shoulder Ball Quart Jars
Paid $10.00 - Sold for $59.95 - Profit $48.14

6 Sloped Shoulder Ball Quart Jars
Paid $6.00 - Sold for $30.00 - Profit $24.18
Soooo.....for February I kept track of how much I listed and how much I sold. My goal was to list 150 items and I listed 140, which is probably closer than I've ever gotten to that goal. What I listed added up to $1995.70. I wanted to really try to list $100/day so this is short by $805 but I'm still happy with what I did. I sold $1432.75 which is probably one of my highest months. That's not profit....just the actual sale. That makes my average sale $16.66 which I definitely want to get higher. When yard sales start I'm hoping to find lots of stuff that will bring higher prices. From reading others blogs I am learning what to look for so I'm sure that will help a lot! I'm starting off really slow so far in March...probably because I'm not getting as much listed yet. I need to pick up the pace!
Thanks so much for stopping by! ~~Pam

Friday, February 20, 2015

This Weeks Update

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm! It's been freezing here the past few days! I just wanted to do an update since my last post. I have had 21 sales this past week! These Born shoes were the highest profit of the eBay sales.
Born Mary Jane Shoes
Paid $8.88 - Sold for $27.50 - Profit $16.68
For jar sales I had an order for 10 of these half gallon jars with a profit of $72.15 on those. I ended up selling 28 jars total this past week for a total profit on them of $190.60!
Next up are my button sales! I sold this lot of button cards for $22.50. I sold these plus 8 other sets of buttons for a total profit of $50.69. My total button sales for February so far is $81.00. I've really been trying to list more buttons this month. Speaking of buttons, my daughter and I went to an auction the other night that probably had as least 50 feet of tables full of buttons! I will do another post on the ones I bought.....didn't get nearly what I would have liked....there were too many rich button fanatics there apparently!

On with the magazines! I sold 3 this past week bringing my magazine profits up to $640.89! I have definitely figured out that the sporting magazines like "Hunting and Fishing" sell better than say the "Farming" magazines. I wish I had more of these but I only have a few left. I do have LOTS of the Farming ones so hopefully there is a collector out there somewhere! I did have a guy recently buy some magazines from me and I checked his store and he sells the advertisements from the magazines! He has thousands of them in his store and it looks like he does pretty good! Maybe I should take that up instead of selling the whole magazine!

So, those are the highlights from the past 9 days. Here's the breakdown since Feb. 11th:
Items Sold - 21
Total Gross sales - $437.95
Cost of inventory sold - $44.27
Total profit after fees and packing supplies - $346.12
Average price sold - $20.85 per order
New inventory bought - $112.68 ($60.50 for buttons...yikes! )
New items listed so far - 102.....I might actually make my goal this month!!!!
I need to try really hard to get my profit up to at least $500/week. Those numbers above are for 9 days so actually that would figure out at about  $269/week average. Gotta work harder!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cushie Elmo

This BIG Cushie Elmo measuring 27 inches long was my one sale from yesterday. I found him at a yard sale last fall for 50 cents. I looked him up on eBay and there weren't any listed! I googled him....didn't seem to be any anywhere! I was excited! I think I started him out at $59.95 but it might have been higher...I don't remember for sure. He sat, and sat, and....I lowered the price...and he still sat....I've had him listed at $24.95 for quite a while. He sold last night. Now here's probably a good reason to just sit tight and not worry about lowering your prices....the nice lady left me this message...."You have saved me! Couldn't find this anywhere and my 4 year old sleeps with it every night." I don't know if something happened to the one she had or if she just needed to replace it because it was getting tattered but someone like that might have been willing to pay the higher price when she was looking and couldn't find another one! Anyway, I'm glad I had it for her and I hope they like it. I guess selling something I bought for 50 cents at a price of $24.95 isn't too bad!
Today I had errands to run, people to talk to, supper to cook and laundry to do...I listed one thing! A  magazine for $8.95...whoopee! I did sell 2 sets of buttons but I haven't even got them packaged up yet. It's 12:34 a.m. and I'm heading to bed! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Busy, Busy!

I've had a busy few days since I last posted! I've had 17 sales in 4 days!! I think that might be a record for me! I have really been trying to list lots. I've taken tons of pictures and almost need to take a ton more!
Here's what I've done since Friday:
Friday - listed 3 items totaling $21.95
              sold 5 items totaling $102.90
Saturday - listed 2 items totaling $9.75 (buttons)
                 sold 3 items totaling $28.00
Sunday - listed 3 items totaling $75.40
               sold 6 items totaling $102.60
Monday - listed 7 items totaling $121.85
                sold 2 items totaling $30.90
Today I listed $97.40 and have only sold one thing for $25.95 (so far)
I have listed $855.40 worth of stuff so far this month so for 10 days that's an average of $85.54/day so not too far off from my $100/day goal! I'll have to try harder though! Here's what sold:

2 Enamelware Refridgerator Dishes
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $15.95 - Profit $14.10

Nike Womens Shoes
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $15.95 - Profit $12.88

2 Hunting and Fishing Magazines
Paid 24 cents - Sold for $19.00 - Profit $15.99

Haeger Oval Planter
Paid 50 cents - Sold for $10.00 - Profit $7.30

2 Country Gentleman Magazines
Paid 24 cents - Sold for $18.00 - Profit $13.11
I just LOVE selling shoes! This was a nice big pair and a pretty good profit too! I can't wait till yard sales start up because I will definitely be on the lookout for shoes this year!

Nike Air Max Ken Griffey Shoes Size 13
Paid $4.88 - Sold for $45.00 - Profit $33.84

Pampered Chef Mini Cookie Cutters
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $7.95 - Profit $5.80
My total profits on the old magazines is up to $617.82!!! I bought about 300 old magazines in May of 2014 and paid $36.00. I've sold 89 magazines so far so that figures out at a profit of $6.94 each which doesn't seem like a lot but it does add up! Still have lots of magazines listed and lots to list too!

Hunting and Fishing Magazine
Paid 12 cents - Sold for $9.50 - Profit $7.94

Boyd Mason Jar
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $12.95 - Profit $9.38

176 Bingo Numbers and Markers
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $17.95 - Profit $15.40

9 Mini Angel Food Pans
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $12.95 - Profit $10.08
7 Ball Quart Jars
Paid $7.00 - Sold for $52.00 - Profit $45.50

Avon Eiffel Tower
Paid 10 cents - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $10.33

Ball Jar with #13 on Bottom
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $15.00 - Profit $

8 Pink Buttons
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $2.25 - Profit $1.36
Well, it's really late and that's about it for now! Thanks so much for stopping by! ~~Pam