Monday, August 18, 2014

Quick Update

Just thought I'd post a few things that sold the past couple of days. Yesterday I listed 9 new items...2 in my Etsy shop and 7 on eBay...wish I could do that much everyday! Shooting for taking a ton of pictures today and listing at least 5 new things! I'll update tonight and we'll see what happens! Let me know what your goal for today is! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam
10 Blue Ball Quart Jars
Paid $10.00 - Sold for $67.50 - Profit $58.21

10 Shabby Vintage Forks
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $12.00 - Profit $10.28

Old Key Chains
Paid 50 cents - Sold for $4.00 - Profit $2.81

Antique Price Guide
FREE - Sold for $7.50 w/fs - Profit $1.54
Batman Cap
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $7.28

Friday, August 15, 2014

Latest Sales and a Big Mess Up!

Hello! Just thought I would post a few sales I've had over the past couple of weeks.
I bought this coat last fall and it finally sold. It is leather and I think I started it a lot higher but kept lowering it. I probably should have just held my ground on the higher price, especially with fall coming around again.
Ladies Leather Coat
Paid $2.69 - Sold for $19.95 - Profit $14.71
I sold 2 sets of hot rollers this past week. One for $19.95 and then this one for $24.95. I have 3 more sets for sale!

Windmere Hot Rollers
Paid $4.38 - Sold for $24.95 - Profit $15.62
This mirror was an extra big vanity mirror that could either sit on the dresser or stand up like a picture frame. Very pretty!
Big Vanity Mirror
Paid $3.00 - Sold for $21.95 - Profit $11.52
Found these ladies Thorogood motorcycle boots for $2.00 at a yard sale. I'd love to get into selling more things like these!

Women's Motorcycle Boots
Paid $2.00 - Sold for $59.95 - Profit $49.62
Found this talking Eeyore at Goodwill a few months ago. It was $8.38 so I looked it up and it looked like I should be able to sell it for at least $50. I had it listed for a long time starting at $59.95 with best offer. It just wouldn't sell or even get any offers. I finally lowered the price and took an offer of $24.95...I made a profit of $11.89.

Talking Eeyore
Paid 8.38 - Sold for $ 24.95 - Profit $11.89
I really messed up on this next item.

I bought it a yard sale a few weeks ago. I had asked this little old lady how much she wanted for it and she said $2.00. I was debating on whether or not I even wanted it so I put it down and she asked what I wanted to pay for it so I said a dollar and she took it. I felt kinda bad dickering with her, like I was taking advantage of an older person or something. Anyway, I listed it for $12.00 and it sold a couple of days ago. When I got it all boxed up and ready to go I started the label process and realized that I had put the weight as 3 pounds. I just knew that this box was going to weigh more than 3 was 4 pounds 12 ounces! What was I thinking?!! I think what happened is that sometimes when I'm entering information and change it, it goes back to what it was before, especially with the weight and then the shipping service offered...does this happen to anyone else? So naturally the customer had chosen priority shipping and it was going to California! Priority shipping for the size of box I had was going to cost $26!! I hadn't even collected that amount with the shipping charge! The shipping paid was $11.59....for a 3 pound box that would be a little bit smaller it would have been enough. So I proceed to undo the box (I had it wrapped it paper besides) and then cut it down a little bit to get it in under the wire. I cut flaps off and everything! Spent way too long on this one. I did get it to where it cost $15.89 for shipping but that was still $4.30 more than I collected! So I ended up making a whopping $3 profit on it....that's what I get for taking advantage of a little old lady! :) Has anyone else ever had to revamp their packaging to try to pay less for the postage. I know I've had it happen a few times before. I really do try to be careful when I'm listing to figure it all right but I guess sometimes things just get messed up!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

Yellow Enamelware Pot
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $12.00 - Profit $3.00

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Selling on Craigslist and Facebook

I have been trying to look for bigger things that might sell on Craigslist or Facebook so that I don't have to pay the fees that come off the top on eBay or Etsy. My little girl had this kitchen set for a few years and she hardly played with it anymore so I put it on Facebook. I had someone take it right away! I think we paid around $25 for it and we sold it for $10.00.
Sold for $10.00
Next I found this little Fisher Price table at a yard sale for $1.00!!! I couldn't believe it was so low because it was in excellent condition! I put $15 on it and sold it within a day or two! I might have been able to get a little more for this on eBay but then there's the hassle of packing up something big and losing a lot of the profit to fees.
Fisher Price Play Table
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $15.00 - Profit $14.00
When I bought this picnic basket a couple of months ago my plan was to sell it on eBay but after researching it I just figured it was hardly worth the hassle so I put it on Facebook the other day asking $15 for it. I had one lady say she wanted it Thursday but then she must have changed her mind. Another lady asked today if I would take $10 for it so I did....I just wanted it out of my den! It came with a service of 4 plates, cups and silverware...all hard plastic.
Picnic Basket w/Service for 4
Paid $5.00 - Sold for $10.00 - Profit $5.00
I will be keeping my eyes open for things that I can get for a good price and make at least $10 profit on. I figure I won't have to worry about packing these bigger things up or about fees either!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Magazine Update!

Just thought I'd post an update on my magazine sales. I haven't sold as many the past few weeks. I can see that the hunting and fishing magazines are definitely more popular than the farming magazines! My total profit so far is up to $418.92! I still have lots left to usual!

Here are a couple of other things that I've sold in the past couple of weeks.

Blue Train Case
Paid 50 cents - Sold for $15.00 - Profit $13.34

Perfection Game Pieces
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $5.13
Have a great day! ~~Pam

Monday, July 28, 2014

Life's Crazy, Sold Egg Cartons, A Quick Update!

How do you like that title! Ha! It's been a busy 3 weeks since my last post! Too much going on and not enough time to keep up with everything! Here are a few sales from the past few days. I might update in a day or two with more from the past 3 weeks.
I've been saving my egg cartons for awhile and listed these last week. I could have made a little bit more...I made the mistake of adding one more to the bunch because I had an extra one so I thought I would be nice and send it along. Well, even though it didn't weigh much I think it put me in the next weight bracket so I ended up paying an extra dollar or so on shipping! I have a stack of the cardboard like cartons that I need to list too....we go through 2-4 dozen eggs a week around here...might as well get a little bit back on our grocery bill!
29 Egg Cartons
Sold for $15.00 - Profit $7.79
I remember having an old phone like this one when I was growing up. We lived out in the country and were on a party line... I think ours was 2 rings! It was always frustrating picking up the phone to call someone and someone else was on the other line! Had to wait our turn!

Vintage Rotary Phone
Paid $3.00 - Sold for $21.95 - Profit $16.48
I think this is at least the 3rd boxed set of Little House books that I've sold!

Boxed Set of Little House on the Prairie Books
Paid $2.00 - Sold for $17.95 - Profit $12.74
I LOVE these shoes! Too bad they weren't in my size....and that my feet kill me anyway....and that my knees hurt I never would be able to walk in them anyway! :)

Red Bongo Shoes
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $15.00 - Profit $11.03
My daughter bought these 2 big Care Bears at a yard sale for a dollar each and gave them to me to sell.

2 BIG Care Bears
Paid - Nothing - Sold for $35 for both - Profit $29.41
Well, that's about it for now! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday's Tally

Hello! Just posting an update....I've had quite a few sales the past few days! Been hearing the "cha-ching" 2 or 3 times a day which is good for me! It seems that this Garfield plush was ordered by an airport gift shop out in L.A.! It still had the tags on it. I'm thinking someone has a fun job of finding unique items to sell at the LAX airport! Anybody else ever have that happen?
Garfield Plush with Heart Picture Frame
Paid 88 cents - Sold for $10.00 - Profit $6.00
I thought these owls were the cutest thing! I looked up owl nesting dolls and there's lots on eBay...even made me think about collecting them!

Owl Nesting Dolls
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $9.95 - Profit - $7.43
Sold another magazine! My total profit on the old magazines is now up to $393.52! I just need to get more listed! (I think I say that every time, don't I?!)

Successful Farming Magazine
Paid 12 cents - Sold for $9.50 - Profit $7.56

Polaroid Sun666 Camera
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $7.32

Kirby Vacuum Bags
Paid 50 cents - Sold for $5.00 - Profit $3.37

Sold another set of the 8 track tapes! I now just have another case of 24 Country tapes left and 4 Elvis tapes and an empty case to sell out of what I bought a couple of weeks ago! Total profit so far on the 8 track tapes is $56.05!
Lot of 24 Country 8 Track Tapes and Case
Paid $2.40 - Sold for $24.00 - Profit $19.07

Lot of 8 Easy Listening 8 Track Tapes
Paid 80 cents - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $7.09

11 Wooden Puzzles
Paid $5.50 - Sold for $29.95 - Profit - $20.24
Spanx Power Panties
Paid $4.00 - Sold for $14.95 w/fs - Profit $6.30
34 Glass Buttons
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $6.95 - Profit $6.10
On my last post I had someone tell me that it seems that I consistently underprice my items. They are probably right! I found this post from the Danni App blog interesting and it gave me something to think about! Gonna try to work on that! I just found her blog yesterday through Kimberly's blog. Looks like there's lots there to learn!
I always like reading others stats each's mine for my eBay store and my 2 Etsy shops:
Active listings in all 3 places - 334
Cost of items sold - $41.23
# of sales - 22
Total Sales - $341.95
Total Profit after fees and cost of items - $247.63
New inventory - haven't spent anything!! Yard sales last week were few and frumpy!
Highest sale - 5 Blue Ball Half gallon jars - $50
International Sales - 2
Feedback - all good!
I'm always jealous when I see other peoples numbers but this has been a pretty good week for me! Better than working 40 hours outside of the house for minimum wage!
Have a great day! ~~Pam

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Few More Sales

Hello Everyone! Just a few more sales a couple of days ago. Last Friday I bought 2 Coleman camping cook stoves for 5 bucks each. I got home and looked them up and figured I wouldn't make a ton on them. I listed this one as "buy it now" for $19.95. I don't have room to store stuff forever and I need money quickly! :) Someone bought it within a few hours. I'm going to list the other one tonight. I hope it sells as quickly!
Coleman 2 Burner Propane Cook Stove
Paid $5.00 - Sold for $19.95 - Profit $13.31

A few years ago I thought I would sell scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies on Etsy. There is a dollar store in a town not too far from here that always has quite a bit of those kinds of supplies for a dollar each. I bought quite a bit and did sell some stuff but it just wasn't worth the hassle so I'm not selling on there right at the moment. Anyway, I still have quite a bit of stuff so I listed these 10 new sets of acrylic stamps for $25.00 I paid $10 for them. They probably sell in a store for $8-$10 each but I suppose they are out of date. It took them awhile but they finally sold.

10 New Acrylic Stamp Sets
Paid $10.00 - Sold for $25.00 - Profit $10.99

Last Friday I bought 80 old 8 track tapes from a guy for 10 cents each! Sold both of these lots within an hour of each other the other night. Sill have some left to sell but I did get them listed!

25 Soft Rock 8 Track Tapes
Paid $2.50 - Sold for $17.95 - Profit $12.35

24 Rock 8 Track Tapes
Paid $2.40 - Sold for $24.00 - Profit $17.54

That's about it for now. I did get 3 new orders so far today but I need to get them packaged up yet. Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam