Sunday, January 29, 2017

Always Say "Yes" to Free Stuff! Part 1

Hello Everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long (again) since I've written! So much going on all the time, as I'm sure all of you have lots going on too! I was just thinking of what I could write about and realized that I've actually made a nice little chunk of money over the past couple of years from things that people (mostly my family) have given me to sell. Ever since my husband lost his job over 3 years ago I've been trying to sell more. He is working 3 different jobs now but we still need some income from me to help make ends meet. Anyway, my mom and sisters and even my older daughters have given me things that they decided they didn't want or even things that they've found at yard sales and thrift stores that they thought I could sell for some money.....bless their hearts! :) I appreciate it so much! I thought I would write a few posts just showing the different things I have been given and what the profit goes!

My daughter Brittany went to a couple of auctions awhile back and ended up getting a tub of plush bears for a dollar! I think they were on a table of other things that she actually wanted. She gave me the bears to sell. I researched them and most weren't selling for a ton of money but every little bit helps! I still have several more in my shop waiting to sell. These have sold since December:

Boyd's Bear Eugenia
Free - Sold for $8.95 - Profit $ 6.60

Boyd's Bear "Peepers P. MacDonald"
Free - Sold for $8.95 - Profit $8.27

Lot of Bears
Free - Sold for $10.95 - Profit $8.57

Winnie the Pooh Classic Plush
Free - Sold for $21.95 - Profit $17.32

Pier One Imports Blue Plush Bear
Free - Sold for $13.45 - Profit $11.44

So I  made $52.20 clear profit on the bears so far after fees, supplies and postage!

Next up are a couple of Shark vacuum attachments that the same daughter let me sell. She cleans houses and businesses for a living and she loves the Shark vacuum. She has gotten at least 3 over the past couple of years and she doesn't need all the attachments so I made a little money on these:

Shark Vacuum Attachment Dusting Brush
Free - Sold for $8.00 - Profit $7.01

Shark Vacuum Attachment Rotator Brush
Free - Sold for $11.50 - Profit $9.67

So the total profit in December and January from just what my daughter gave me is $68.88! I know it's not a ton of money but every little bit helps! I think also that I probably priced things a little lower than I might have if I had to pay for them. Sometimes you just want to move stuff fast!

So always take what someone else wants to give you. Sometimes they're just going to give it to Goodwill or throw it away and you might as well take it and make a little money! I'll be back with more on Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. I never look down on selling low profit items. You did well on the Shark attachments!

    1. Thank you! I just checked out your blog and added it to my list! I will enjoy reading it! ~~Pam

    2. Thanks for the add, did the same for you!

  2. Hi Pam!
    That is awesome your daughter gave you all those things. You are so right, every sale helps. I do sell lower profit items too, of course I prefer the bigger dollar items, but those small sales do add up. It's really nice that your family is on the lookout for items to help you out, that $68 in sales from those free items will buy some groceries or fill the gas tank. Great job!

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Yes, it all helps. I do sell some higher price items too once in awhile but it seems that my sales average around $18 each. I'd like to get that number up, either that or find lots more of the lower selling stuff! :) ~~Pam