Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yesterday I had to package up 6 orders. This shirt and lion and then the 4 things I sold the day before. I got that 30 jar order ready....I tell ya, I don't think I will ever do that again! I definitely won't be giving such a big discount as free shipping! After the cost of the jars which is $30, shipping, which was $33.15, fees which were $13.10 and then the packing materials, which were $12.50 I ended up with $111.25 clear profit. Which is probably a good hourly wage. I probably had 4-5 hours in them....a couple to clean them and then it took at least 2 hours to box them all up. I am so worried about the size of the box! I had to rig up a box for one thing...I had 2 apple boxes and then had to add a little on each end to fit all the jars and I used a ton of packing tape (4 rolls to be exact) to tape everything together The box ended up measuring 26x25x14! Very big and oxie. Good thing I have a nice strong son that is willing to take it to the Post Office for me! I could never do it, so it makes me feel bad that I even mailed it in such a thing. I have the jars packed in there very well with 2 squares of bubble wrap wrapped around each one. But since it's so big I'm afraid it'll get dropped and who knows what'll happen! Next time someone wants that many jars I will just tell them they have to be mailed in 2 different boxes and they'll have to pay for it! I don't need the worry!
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $10.50 - Profit $7.22

Simba Plush
Paid $1.69 - Sold for $12.50 - Profit $9.08
Here's my chart to show that listing more definitely helps the statistics for your shop. I've been doing a lot better in my vintage shop. The button shop I just haven't had time to list in so much but I do think I'm getting more views in it since I make mention of it in all my listings in my vintage shop. I just need to sort some buttons!  Anyway, everything in my vintage shop is a lot better than last week and SO much better  than the first week!
I haven't really looked into it yet but is there a way to track views and favorites in my eBay store?
Well, I've got lots to do today. Our kitchen is almost done! I have one part to paint on one wall and then maybe I'll get some pictures up for you to see....I'm sorry it's taking so long!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

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  1. Pam do you have an ebay store subscription? If you do you can track visits and favorites. If you don't I don't know if you can.