Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update on My List

2 Tea Towels
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $5.00 - Profit $3.29
Well I did better today than I thought I would but I didn't finish everything. I've been battling a cold all week so everything I did seemed to take a lot out of me. I will have to add the beadboard look wallpaper to tomorrows list. Hopefully I can cut my sons hair tomorrow or Saturday. Also, maybe I can get my den cleaned up tomorrow too. I still have a bunch of jars sitting around in here just waiting for my buyer to pay, which she says she will tomorrow. Of course then I will have to get 30 jars all packed up! Yikes! Anyway, I think posting a "to-do" list really helped me to stay focused on getting things crossed off! It made working a little bit more fun!
If you notice my ticker I am almost up to listing $1000 so far this month! Of course I should be past $1500 by now. Still hoping to do more next week! We are having company Sunday so we are hoping to have the house pretty much done by then. 
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

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