Friday, January 3, 2014

Today I was pretty busy with other mundane chores of life and didn't even get started listing anything until 10:00 o'clock tonight! I had errands to run this afternoon, went to see my mom, got some groceries, came home, fixed and ate supper and then took a nap with my hubby from about 7-10!!! Haven't slept that long for a nap in ages! Felt pretty good too! I should have got up, pulled back the covers and crawled back in! I guess I must have needed the sleep.
Since I started so late I only listed $103.45 worth of junk stuff. I re-listed 10 more jars since I sold 10 today (yay!) and then listed some buttons and old Avon decanters. I sold the one below today. I only paid 10 cents each for a bunch last fall. They take forever to sell and I don't really make much on them but since I've got them I might as well list them!

Avon Beautiful Awakening
Paid 10 cents - Sold for $5.00 - Profit $4.03
My sister Naomi gave me a box of jars that she had found while out thrifting. Well there happened to be a pint jar with the number 13 on the bottom! I have had some quart jars before but never a pint jar! I looked at the sold listings on eBay and it looked like I could get anywhere from $50 to $80! Someone had sold one for 80.96 recently! I started mine at $99.95 figuring I would try for the high end first. I had an offer of $65 including shipping and told him if I didn't sell it I would consider it. I eventually lowered the price and tonight it sold for the $65. I figure after shipping and fees I will probably make close to $50. Thank you Naomi!

Blue Ball #13 Pint Jar
Gift from my sister Naomi - Sold for $65 (includes shipping) - Profit $48.81

10 Blue Ball Quart Jar
Paid $10 - Sold for $65 - Profit $47.82
Well, even though I had a nice nap it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm tired again!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. That is wonderful on the number 13 jar! You have really been doing well with your sales.

  2. Nice sale. Can you refresh my memory and tell me what the #13 means on the bottom?

    1. Most all jars are numbered on the bottom. I've heard that people that are superstitious would break the jars with the #13 on the bottom so therefore they are harder to find now. I've been selling jars for 4 years and this pint one is the first one I've seen. I've probably had maybe 10 quart jars with the #13 on them in all that time. Crazy, huh? ~~Pam

  3. You're so welcome for the jar! I can't wait for garage-sale-season to start up again so I can be on the hunt for more stuff for you to sell!

    1. I can't wait either! Maybe we can go together some time! ~~Pam