Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Listings Today

Well, today I more than met my goal of listing $200 worth of stuff...I listed $241.90 worth! I feel like I cheated a little bit....I put a listing on my Etsy vintage shop for 15 blue jars for $95 so that helped get the total up there! Hopefully the sales start rolling in....I didn't sell a thing today! :)

No pictures to show but here's the listings if you want to check them out!

ButtonCrazy on Etsy:
50 Teal Blue Wood Buttons
50 Red Buttons
50 Pink Buttons
50 Green Buttons
50 Blue Buttons

DownVintageLane on Etsy:
15 Blue Ball Quart Jars
Wooden Salt & Pepper Shakers

12 Pez Dispensers
Oriental Glass Flower
Victorian Elegance Photo Album
Victorian Photograph Album
PACE Express Workout DVD's
Wire Heart Shaped Basket
Ginger & Pickles Vintage Book

Thanks so much for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. Wow. Great job on the listings and meeting your goal Pam.I have one of those Victorian Elegance Photo Albums and I can't figure out how you are supposed to keep the pictures in place...tape?

  2. Good job on making your goal. They say the more you list, the more you sell. Hopefully that will be true for you.