Friday, January 24, 2014

Sales and Kitchen Reveal

Yesterday I sold these two items. I don't know if I meant to have free shipping on them or if it was a mistake but they got free shipping so I didn't make much profit. At least I had already sold the bulk of the Pez dispensers I had gotten last summer and these were just a few extras so I had already figured the cost in the first listing.  Also with the photo album, it was something my daughter had received from someone else and she didn't want it so it didn't cost me anything.
12 Pez Dispensers
Cost - All ready paid for with the first listing
Sold for $8.00 w/free shipping
Profit - $3.45

Victorian Elegance Photo Album
Cost - From my daughter who didn't want it anymore
Sold for $10.00 w/free shipping
Profit - $3.16
I finally got pictures taken yesterday of the kitchen! I have to run out this morning but I should be able to get a post up this afternoon with pictures!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

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