Sunday, November 10, 2013

Two Sales Today

Today I got to hear my "ca-ching" sound twice! I paid 50 cents for this sewing box and all of the supplies in it. I started it at auction for $10 and was hoping to get at least $15. It sold for $10.00.

This set of Disney encyclopedias went for $25.00. I paid $8.74 for them. At first I paid $1.00 for them at a yard sale and I thought it was a complete set. Then I realized it was missing I found that one on Ebay and paid $7.74 for it so that I could hopefully get more for my set! Well then after I received that book I realized that I was still missing another book! How could I have missed that? Instead of sinking more money into them I decided to just sell them as is. If I would have had the complete set I probably could have gotten anywhere from $30 - $50 for them. Maybe next time...!

Tomorrow I am shooting for listing 10 items. I'll let you know how it goes! ~~Pam