Monday, November 11, 2013

Selling Summer Clothes?

Well, the mirror I showed the other day sold tonight! I put it on a 3 day auction and started it at $ went up to $31.00!!! I wasn't expecting that at all. Now the other 2 that I have sold that look similar to this one sold for $9.95 and $12.00 but if I remember right I just put them up for Buy it Now. I guess I need to rethink auctions!
And who says you can't sell shorts in the winter? I had lowered the price on these and re-listed them a couple of days ago. I sold them for $7.95. I paid $1.00 for them. Glad I won't have to hold onto them till next summer! I guess you really can sell about anything on Ebay...sometimes you just have to be patient!

Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. all my summer clothes are going to be listed in January...not enough time or selling limits to do it now. swimsuits are a hot seller in winter for those going of vacation but they aren't in the stores

    1. Great idea! I've got a swimsuit that I know I'll never wear again.... I should list it! Thanks for your comment! ~~Pam