Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Few New Listings

No sales today. I re-listed a few things and added several old Avon decanters in my "Avon" section of my store. I've found out that vintage Avon isn't really that good of a seller. I've sold 3 or 4 pieces so far. I've got quite a few more to list. I found them at a yard sale for 10 cents each. That's the only reason I bought them. I figured for that price I could take a risk! But....I don't like having stuff sit around forever.

My husband has a job interview Tuesday. I don't know if I'm glad or not. It won't be a very high paying job. People say "it's better than nothing"....I don't know about that! I wish a good paying job would fall in our lap! I wish we could figure out something else. He's a very hard worker. He has his own small lawn care business but that's over with for the season. I'm sure there are people that need odd jobs done around the house that he might be able to do if they just knew about him. If he could get into something like that somehow and charge $20-$25/hr. that would be great!  I'm hoping we can figure something out. It would be great if we could get into selling on Ebay full-time but I think that will take some time to get going. Anyway...just thinking out loud!

Have a great day! ~~Pam


  1. I keep thinking about doing ebay full time too, but I don't know if I could keep up enough listings to make a living. I don't have the space to hold inventory and I definitely don't have the cash be buying that much stuff right now. People do it though and they make a lot of money. I wish your hubby luck at his job interview. I'm not so sure that any low paying job is "better than nothing." My husband has been doing grounds keeping for the last few months and it has taken a toll on him physically. He starts his new inside job on Monday that pays double, thank goodness! My job is turning out to be horrible. They called me at midnight to tell me to come in at 3am. Isn't that nice? :(

    1. I'm like you...I just don't have the space to keep a lot of inventory or the cash to buy stuff that may or may not sell. So, I'm kinda picky about what I buy. It's helping out right now but no where near a full time income. Calling you at midnight to come in so early would definitely interrupt your sleep! You probably can hardly go back to sleep after that, huh? Thanks for your comment! ~~Pam

  2. Has he tried advertising on Craigslist for handyman? Even if he gets the other job he could do that on the side for extra money.