Monday, November 4, 2013

Sold Some Jars!

This morning I was getting 3 orders from the weekend ready and I just happened to check my Vintage shop somewhere along the line and saw that I had sold 17 jars! They are going to California. They sold for $117.75 plus shipping! I will get the order ready in the morning and update on my "take-home pay" from this sale!

I also sold these tea towels on Ebay tonight.

Paid $2.50 - Sold for $10.95 plus shipping
I have 2 other sets of these kinds of tea towels in my Etsy shop. I have a few more that I need to get pictures of and list.
I got my order of 8 half gallon jars ready today. I paid $8.00 for them, sold them for $75 plus shipping. After fees and packing and everything I cleared $60.63!
The 3 blue vases that I sold over the weekend only cleared me $3.96. I missed the mark on the shipping and lost over a dollar more on that.....I hate when that happens!
The 16 old shabby zinc lids sold for $11 plus $9.95 shipping. They didn't really cost me anything as they come on some of the jars that I get. After fees and packing I made $10.15.
I don't even remember if I listed anything today! Seems like I spent half the day getting orders ready and then I took them to the Post Office and got groceries! Too many things to do!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. Wow you really do great with those jars. I picked up 6 last weekend at a yard sale & finally listed them last night. I sold 2 old audio cassette cabinets over the weekend for $27.99, I have done pretty well with them lately if you ever come across any.

  2. I just read about those being good sellers at the eBay Life Blog've been on the lookout! Glad you've had success with them. I remember seeing them all the time at Goodwill and other places and now since I'm looking for them I haven't seen any! I hope you do well on your jars! ~~Pam