Friday, November 1, 2013

Cute book!

My daughter and I went to Goodwill today and I found this darling picture book! It is a reproduction from the antique original "Revolving Pictures" book first published  in 1892 by Ernest Nister. It has the cutest pictures and when you pull the ribbon around to the other side it changes the picture! Here are a few of them:

It's a really cute book. I paid $4.38 for it. I looked up sold listings and I probably won't be able to sell it for much more than $10 so with fees and the cost of the book it probably isn't worth it to sell it on Ebay. My sister is having a craft, bazaar, Scentsy show at her house in a few weeks. My sisters and mom and I will be making lots of things to show and I think I will take some of my vintage things too. So....I plan on taking this book and maybe putting $10 on it there. If it sells at least I won't have fees to take out of it! I think it would be a cute gift for someone.
I'm looking forward to being together with my mom and sisters and having a couple of fun days! I just need to get busy and decide what I'm going to make to try to sell! I do make handmade greeting cards. My first Etsy shop that I opened back in 2007 was called "CardCrazy". That link will take you to my "sold" page....I only have 2 cards for sale right now! I just can't seem to find the time to make cards anymore! And I really need to make some to send out some thank-you's that I owe! So that's an idea...make some cards to sell! I've also seen some cute ideas for projects on Pinterest that might be quick and easy. If I make anything to sell I will share it on here.
No sales today. Yesterday I had someone ask me to put up a listing for 8 blue Ball half-gallon jars so I did but they haven't actually bought them yet...hopefully they will soon!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

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