Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Making money....

This was the extent of today's sales! Two of these pieces were given to me (my mom was going to sell them at her yard sale for I think a dollar) and I paid 50 cents for the other piece. So I have 50 cents in these and they sold for $12.00 plus shipping! I cleared $10.91 on them after fees and shipping.

This morning I got my order of 17 jars ready. It took me a little over an hour. After figuring in the cost of the jars, packing materials, fees (which were $9.92!) and shipping I cleared $89.33. That figures out to $5.25 clear on each jar. I'm happy with that! I figure I probably have 3 hours in this order....buying the jars and bringing them home, washing them, taking pictures, listing and then packing them up. That figures out at about $30/hour! Even if I spent 4 hours on them I guess it would be $22.33/hr. so not too bad! I'm just glad that I'm able to sell online instead of working outside of the home. My knees and feet aren't so good so that would limit the type of job that I could find. I just wish I could find and sell about 100 jars each week!

I did get a few new things put in my Etsy shop but nothing new but relisted items in my Ebay store. Tomorrow I will list at least 5 new things on Ebay...promise!

Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

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