Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Forgot!

I usually try to put up a new post every night before I go to bed but I guess I was so tired last night that I completely forgot! I remembered this morning when I woke up at 6:00! I guess I didn't have anything too thrilling to report! I did sell a bottle of Avon cologne for men called "Windjammer". A couple of months ago I picked up a bunch of Avon decanters, mostly for men, for 10 cents each. I kinda wish I wouldn't have bothered for the most part. It's not selling very fast. After I did some research though, this bottle sells for more like a newer price. It's full and sold for $18.95! That's a pretty good mark-up!
Avon Windjammer Cologne - Paid 10 cents - Sold for $18.95
Profit after fees and packaging - $18.89
I sold this to someone in Japan. I hope all goes well and it makes it there okay. I actually made a little bit on the shipping on this one. I even sent him a partial refund on the shipping as it was less than expected. I figure since the fees are higher with an international purchase that it helps defray that cost. I usually cut it pretty close and don't make too much extra on the shipping.
I was looking at the stats on my Etsy shop this morning. It has been a slow month there for me. So far this month I've only sold $284.15. Last year for the same time period I had sold $760.80! That's quite a bit of difference! I'm thinking it's probably because this year I've been focusing more on Ebay. I have a store now so I've been trying to fill that instead of filling my vintage shop. Things seem to sell faster on Ebay and we really need the money! When I think that I need to get some things on Etsy, then I think to myself....well, this would probably sell quicker on that's what happens! I wish I could keep them both plus my button shop going every day. Ideally I would like to list at least 3 things in each shop each day. Trouble is, just because we really need the money doesn't mean I've suddenly had less to do so that I can list more! We still have 5 kids at home and life is busy! Oh well, all I can do is try to do the best I can.
Hopefully I will have some sales today to update with tonight....if I don't forget!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. i also mark up on international shipping since i have to deal with the inconvenience of customs forms. Crossing my fingers for you. Perfume is one of few things i wont ship international since there are so many restrictions in various countries. but thats a nice little profit!

    1. I didn't know there were restrictions on perfumes! Yikes! I hope Japan doesn't have any on that! Thanks for the info! ~~Pam

  2. Great flip on the cologne! It's amazing what discontinued items sell for. People have their favorite "whatever it is" and then suddenly it's not being made any longer so they'll pay crazy prices to get more. I paid $10 for a tube of vanilla mint toothpaste because it's the only flavor my daughter likes. Recently Maybelline discontinued my favorite makeup and it's selling for really crazy prices now.

    1. I guess it's good for us Ebayers that people are looking for their favorite things and willing to pay a little more for them! Thanks for your comment! ~~Pam