Friday, October 11, 2013

Some of My Best Sales from September

In September my "take-home" pay was $790.82 after taking off what the items cost me, fees, supplies and shipping. Not too shabby but I sure would like to increase that number! Like by at least a thousand! My hubby still has not found steady work so it would help out if I could do better.  Here's where I made the money:
     Ebay - $363.22
     Etsy (downvintagelane) - $418.56
     Etsy (buttoncrazy) - $9.04
I sold 66 jars in my vintage shop on Etsy! That seems to be where I make the most money. I advertise for blue jars and will pay $1.00 each for them. Living where there are a lot of old farmers helps...they have the old jars just sitting in their basements or garages collecting dust and I take them off their hands and give them a little to boot! Then if I can sell them for anywhere from $5-10 each it sure helps out! Here's one I got in box of regular jars that got me excited:
It's a wide-mouth Ball Special pint size jar. I sold it with a zinc lid on Ebay for $36.99! Not too bad for spending a dollar to begin with! I sold another one like it a month ago for $23.50 so they are something to watch for!
Here are some highlights from September:

Pyrex Nesting Bowls - Paid $10 and sold them that night for "Buy it Now" $35.00 and $16.02 shipping. After fees and a little loss on the cost of shipping I cleared $13.93. Kind of disappointing as you would think I would make $25 on them but just the fees were $6.37! Then the cost of bubble wrap and wrapping paper was $3.30 so it all adds up!
2 Old Atlas Coffee Jars - Paid $2.00 and sold them for $26.55 plus $10.79 shipping. After fees and everything I cleared $18.64.
Nintendo system and games - My daughter bought this so it cost me nothing....sold it for $60.00 plus $12.79 shipping - cleared $53.53!!
So those were just a few of the better deals I had.  I will try to keep up with updating through October. I keep debating whether to have a blog or not because of the time factor so that's why I haven't been writing! Thanks for stopping by! 

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