Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Away...

We just got back from a little 2 day jaunt north of here. It was a refreshing weekend! While away I did sell a couple of things in my Etsy vintage shop!

Sold for $12.00 plus $12.95 shipping - Paid $3.00 for all 3.

Don't ya just love the color of these pans? I should have just kept them for myself! I sold them for $16.00. I only paid $1.00 for both!

Sold for $15.00 plus $18.95 shipping. Paid $6.00 for these.
I haven't had time to get the orders ready and the postage printed and fees figured so I'm not sure how much I will actually clear on these items. The clear jars usually don't sell for as much as the blue ones. The Liberty jars took quite awhile to sell.
Well, I'm exhausted so heading off to bed! Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam

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