Monday, October 21, 2013

Not much to report...

I didn't actually sell anything today. :( I did however have a lady ask me if I had 24 blue Ball quart jars to sell. I didn't think I did but I counted up what I had and figured I had about 16. Well just a little while later a woman called me about my ad in the local electric company newspaper and said she had 82 jars....would I want them? Why yes, I would! I advertise for old blue or green canning jars and pay $1.00 each for them. The great thing was that she lived just a few miles from me so we went and picked them right up! While we were in town another lady called whom I had bought from before and said she found 19 more so we picked those up on the way back home! The first lady had some clear jars with the wire handles and glass lids too so I paid $10 more for what she had so I spent $110 total on jars today! Now hopefully the lady that wanted 24 won't change her mind! I told her I had them and then she wanted to know if I'd give a discount since she was getting so many and they are on a tight budget! I said I might be able to give a little bit of a discount but that since my husband has been out of work for almost 2 months we are on a tight budget too! I haven't heard back from her so I hope I didn't scare her off! I hated to give up $110 when we are down to our last nickels but if I can sell 24 jars right away that would be $144....well, depends if I give her a discount or won't be more than a $10 discount....anyway, I sell the quart jars for $6 each. There are 7 half gallon jars and I usually can sell them for $9-10 each and then there are quite a few pints, which I sell for between $7-$9. So, that $110 can end up making me over $700....I just hope they sell fairly quickly!
I was checking Ebay out today to see what jars are selling for on there. Since the lady that contacted me was wanting 24 jars I thought I would just type in "24 blue Ball jars" on Ebay and see what came up. Imagine my surprise when the picture above came up! This is "MY" picture! I use it all the time in my Etsy shop! For a second I was wondering if I had listed on Ebay and forgotten! Then I clicked on the listing and the person had even used a lot of my wording that I used in my listings! I was kind of irked that someone would steal my picture! They said they were selling jars that they had used in their wedding so then I wondered if they might have bought them from me. I ended up contacting them and they had indeed bought them from me earlier in the year. I had said that I would have appreciated being asked to use the picture first but since they had bought the jars from me I would go ahead and let them use it. They probably wonder why I would care but it's kind of a "signature" thing I guess. I've used that picture or some like it for the past 2-3 or more years! Of course after looking at other pictures on Ebay of blue jars I can understand why they would want to use this one! It just seems "prettier" than most others! :) Oh well, no big deal I guess. If they had been any ol' person that was just stealing my picture though I probably would have reported it to Ebay. What would you have done?


  1. How do you pack the jars to ensure they arrive safe?

  2. I wrap each jar in a piece of pretty tissue paper, then I wrap 2 connected squares of bubble wrap around it. I stand them up in a box as I think they take shipping better that way since the bottoms are heavy. I put them all really close together, pack lots of newspaper all around the edges of the box so that they are in there good and tight! I haven't had any jars break in ages and ages since I started packing them that way. Lots of newspaper on the bottom and top of the box too. Thanks for asking! ~~Pam