Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Busier Day!

Well, I listed 1 new item on my Etsy DownVintageLane shop and re-listed 5 other things. I ended up selling an old silver pitcher that I paid $1.00 for this summer!

I sold it for $20 plus $11.50 shipping. After fees and packaging I cleared $18.06 on it! Not too shabby!
On Ebay I sold an old cookie press that I found for 75 cents a couple of weeks ago. I sold it to someone in the Dominican Republic for $22.50 and she had to pay $26.65 shipping!

I just listed it last night and sold it tonight! Cleared $21.34.
This next item is called a "Caboodle" makeup case. I had read that they sell good on Ebay and yesterday I saw this one at Goodwill for $2.38! I listed it last night for $34.95 "Buy it Now" and it sold tonight! The lady paid by echeck so I won't be able to figure the exact profit till Monday when it clears but I'd say I probably made $30.00 clear on it!


I love finding new blogs that help me know what to look for that will sell well. I need all the help I can get! I will have to put some of the blogs I've found on my sidebar so others can see them as well!
I did get 4 new things listed on Ebay tonight. I was trying for the 5th one but then the pictures wouldn't upload again. There must be some glitch on Ebay lately with the pictures. Anyway, have  good day! 

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