Monday, October 14, 2013

My Goals.....

The goals I listed yesterday did not happen! I did list 3 new items on Ebay and then re-listed 2 that hadn't sold so I guess I made my 5 for Ebay. I would have gotten 2 more new listings up but Ebay seems to have some kind of problems with pictures lately. I relisted 2 things in my Etsy vintage shop and nothing in my button shop. Too many things come up during the day and it just seems like the time flies!

I sold the little Avon Parakeet shown above. A couple of weeks ago I bought probably 50 Avon decanters for 10 cents each. I know most don't sell for a ton but even if it's just a few bucks I figure every little bit helps! I sold this one for $5.00 and $3.33 shipping. My profit after fees and packaging costs was $3.99. I guess if I made $3.99 on 50 Avon bottles then I would make $199.50....nothing to sneeze at!

I will try to make my goal Tuesday for 5 Ebay listings, 3 DownVintageLane listings and 3 ButtonCrazy listings. I need to so I can make some money to pay the dentist! I have a tooth that's bothering me and I found out today that I either need a root canal or have it pulled. The dentist actually said there's not much tooth left to work with and he thought having it pulled would be a better idea. Since my husband lost his job, we don't have dental insurance right now so I guess I will have it pulled. That will cost $205....yikes! So, I better get busy! Have a great day!

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