Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Sale Today

Hello! Hope everyone had a good day! It was rainy and yucky out today but it was nice and cozy inside! I made homemade chicken soup and 30 minute dinner rolls for supper...yummy!

I sold the porcelain and metal vintage doorknobs tonight. My mom was having a yard sale a few weeks ago and was going to sell all of these for $1.00! I told her I could get more than that so she just let me have them. I started them at $10 and only got a few bids and sold them for $15.00. I was thinking I would get a little more than that but I cleared $12.47 after shipping and fees. Not too bad since they didn't cost me anything!

I still haven't finalized the deal on the lady wanting 24 jars. I'm hoping she will let me know for sure soon. Since we spent $110 on jars yesterday I would like to re-coup that money as fast as possible!

Have a great day!  ~~Pam

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