Monday, September 2, 2013

August Etsy Sales

Here are the items that sold in my Etsy shops in August. I sold quite a few jars although not as many as I did last August. I advertise in a local free paper for blue jars and I pay $1.00 each for them. This has helped us out tremendously in the past year! Last August my husband had open heart surgery and was off of work for 4 months. I sold 330 jars that month! I know without a doubt that it was due to the loving kindness of our heavenly Father, Jehovah God. So anyway, blue jars have been a real good seller for me. The items listed here show the price paid, what I sold it for and then the profit after fees and packaging materials.

There were 3 doilies in this set
Paid 15 cents Sold for $4.00 Profit $2.84
Paid $5.00 Sold for $50.00 Profit $43.08
Paid $10.00 Sold for $65.00 Profit $53.47

Paid 15 cents Sold for $2.50 Profit $1.78


I sold these 4 fruit bowls together
Paid $9.70 Sold for $31.50 Profit $19.54

Children's Reader - Paid 50 cents Sold for $7.00 Profit $6.06

 I pick these milk glass vases up at yard sales and Goodwill, usually for a quarter up to 88 cents each. I sold both of these sets together!
Paid $10.00 Sold for $100 Profit $80.02
Buttons in my button shop
Paid 50 cents Sold for $6.00 Profit $6.00

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