Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Update

Today is a typical Iowa summer and humid...only it's not really summer yet! It's only suppose to last a couple of days and then be back in the 70's where I like it! I got to go out to lunch with my mom today. We ate at Applebee's. I tried the Margarita Queso Chicken and Shrimp....dee-licious!
50 Gold Buttons
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $4.95 - Profit $4.11

40 Creamy Pearl Shank Buttons
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $5.00

10 Pearl Buttons
Paid 25 cents - Sold for $4.50
Profit for both sets of pearl buttons - $8.02
My youngest sister found me a few jars the other day. They cost me $2.00 each but they came with the zinc lid on them so I can still sell the lids separately for $1.00 each. I counted these 8  jars as costing me the $16 now though so the lids will be free and clear. She also got me 2 half gallon jars for $2.00 each with lids so I have them for sale also.

8 Blue Ball Quart Jars
Paid $16 - Sold for $59.50 - Profit $39.20

Ralph Lauren Mens Polo Shirt
Paid $2.00 - Sold for $22 with f/s - Profit $11.51

Avon Faithful Laddie Mens Wild Country Cologne
Paid 10 cents - Sold for $7.50 - Profit $6.76
Selling this Avon piece brings my profit on Avon up to a little over $130 on all the Avon I bought last fall.
I went to the eye doctor yesterday and the girl that checked me in was updating my information. Apparently last time I had told them that I was self-employed so she asked me if I still was and she asked what I did so I told her I sell on Ebay and Etsy. She said, "So you get to stay home and work? How neat!" I'm pretty sure she thought what a lot of people think...that working from home is the life of luxury! I am glad that I can do this from home though. I like to be home! I like to be with my kids. So glad I can do it! I just really need to focus on getting my store up to 500 or 1000 items! I just keep hovering around 100. Gotta focus!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. i get the hovering all too well. I cant get to 600. Im at 592. everytime i get it up to near 600 I get a Christmas-time like burst of sales that takes me days to recover from....not that im complaining.... :D

    1. Wow! Sounds like you're doing great! I would love to be "hovering" around 600! I'm hoping for more like 1000 by the end of the summer! ~~Pam

  2. I had to laugh that anyone might think working from home would be luxury. But the benefits out way any cons. You are doing great with that Avon stuff. It doesn't sell well here in the booths but glad to hear it sells online.

    Have a great day!! Dianne

  3. Just there a top 3 list of Avon bottles that are valuable? I see them all the time and pass them by, but if there are one or two that are rare or fetch a good price, it might be worth taking a second look.

    1. Lorraine...I don't really know what is more valuable. The ones I got definitely weren't worth a whole lot! I did a search on eBay by highest price first and noticed some do sell for more money. It probably also depends on whether there is a box that it comes in and if it's full of cologne too. If I buy anymore I don't think I will pay more than a quarter for it unless it looks like It might be worth more and I can look it up to see! ~~Pam