Saturday, May 3, 2014

I'm Still Here

Hello! I'm sorry I've been waaay lax about posting for like 3 weeks now.....we went away for a weekend and then life just gets busy and then I don't feel like I have anything thrilling to post and then the days just get away from me!!! I don't have much time right now either but here are just a few things I sold on Ebay these past weeks:
I've had these button cards sitting around for probably two or three years in a box and was sorting through some buttons and "found" them so figured I should just get them listed! I don't remember where I got them or how much for sure I paid for them. They are probably from several different places.

35 Cards of Pearl Buttons
Paid $3.00? - Sold for $29.50 - Profit $19.07
This is a talking Barney that I got ages ago when my kids were littler. I had to save my points up from packages of Luv's diapers to get this. He came with a computer disc and everything but I didn't have that part to put with him.

Talking and Singing Barney
Paid - FREE - Sold for $27.95 - Profit $25.40
My sister Naomi gave me some things to sell and these Cottage Living magazines were some of them. I looked them up on Ebay and it seemed like $15.00 for 12 was a good average to start with so I put them up for "Buy it Now" and they sold fairly quickly! Thank you Naomi!

Cottage Living Magazines
Paid - Free! - Sold for $15.00 - Profit $12.58
These Taste of Home magazines are magazines I've had sitting in my cookbook cupboard for years. I used to love looking through them but now with the internet and Pinterest I like looking online more so I freed up a little cupboard space! They took awhile to sell...I think because the shipping seems so high since they can't be sent by Media mail because of the advertising.

33 Taste of Home Magazines
Sold for $12.00 - Profit $10.11
Here are 4 Boyd's Mason jars that I got with my last jar haul. They are unique and different than the usual blue Ball jars I sell. I originally had them for $50 with best offer. Someone offered me $40 so I took it!

4 Boyd Mason Jars
Paid $4.00 - Sold for $40.00 - Profit $29.75
This next jar is a wide-mouth blue Ball Special jar. I've only had a few of these come through with all of the jars that I've gotten over the past few years. I put it up for $25.00 and got a couple of different offers. I finally took an offer of $20.00.

Blue Ball Special Wide-Mouth Jar
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $20.00 - Profit $16.24
My 3 youngest kiddo's and I went garage sale-ing last week in a small nearby town. It was fun although I really didn't find a whole lot of treasures. Then yesterday my Hubby and I went to a few but the day was cut short because of a doctors appt. that he had to go to. I'm feeling kinda disappointed because I've been really wanting to get some new inventory to try to up my listings and I just haven't found anything great yet! Hopefully next weekend will be better! I really need to get some more jars. I've sold most of the 120 jars that I got awhile back! My profit so far is at least $640!
Well, I need to get to bed. I will try to update more often. Thanks so much for stopping by! ~~Pam 


  1. I love those button cards Pam. The buttons on them are cool too but the cards are great. I'm glad to see you back. Have missed your posts.

    1. Thanks Nancy! I love those cards too....why don't they make them like they used to? :) I was tempted to just keep them for myself! ~~Pam

  2. I've missed you too. Glad to know all is well. I think of you whenever I see a blue ball jar. :-) I struck out big time this weekend with yard sales compared to last weekend, so I guess I'll have an easy listing week.

    1. I still have plenty around here I could list but I really would like to find some new stuff that's worth more than what I have! ~~Pam

  3. Hi Pam!
    Add me to the missed your post list! We have had yard sales really come on strong the last month in our area, the first couple weeks I got some great things but the last couple have not been so good. I hope you find some great stuff soon!

    1. Thanks Rhonda! I'm hoping to hit the sales hard this next weekend! ~~Pam

  4. I had a boxful of carded buttons that I'd had for years, picked up at estate and garage sales. Never used them so I ended up selling them last year. I know life gets busy and we don't have enough time to do everything. But glad to hear from you!

    1. Yes, life just gets too busy! Thanks for your comment! ~~Pam

  5. Great sales! I hope you enjoyed your weekend away. We all need a break sometimes :)