Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Bazaar

My Mom, sisters and I had a craft show/bazaar this past weekend. We did one about 20 years ago and it was fun so one of my sisters said she wanted to do it again. I just didn't have time to do much for it but I did make these little gift boxes of chocolates...which did take waaayyy too much time! They have little Hershey nuggets inside with matching papers wrapped around the chocolates. Each box is different and has different papers. I've made them before and sold them on Etsy in my CardCrazy shop but I haven't been making any cards lately or boxes of chocolates to sell. So anyway, I think they are really cute. I had $5.00 each marked on them. I figured the candy alone was $1.00 for each box. I used supplies I already had on hand but at $5.00 each I'm not really making very much per hour...I can probably do 2 boxes in an hour. I ended up selling 13 of them.....4 of them to my Mom! I ended up selling $100 total of the chocolates and some of my vintage items.

My 22 year old daughter loves to cook and bake so she made lots and lots of sweet treats to sell. Here are some pictures of some of the things she made.
She made lots of these adorable snowman cupcakes. She also made a few different kinds of fudge and sold it in the little boxes with the cute labels that my sister Naomi made for her.
A close-up of the snowman cupcakes!
She had sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, and her famous chocolate chip with everything in them cookies that won her a blue ribbon at the County Fair. She also made 31 pies!!! I think she sold all but a couple of them too! She ended up selling around $900 worth of baked goods! She worked her tail off all week and didn't get much sleep either. I don't know how she did it! But then again, I'm not 22 anymore so I probably forget what a high energy level is!  

My sister whose house we had the bazaar at made these Iowa Hawkeye items. Lots of cute stuff here!
More "team" snowmen that are actually blocks with lights in them.
Some of the cute signs she made. She actually had some bigger old windows that she did up really cute but I didn't get a picture of those!

There was lots more but I don't have pictures. It was a fun 2 days but my sister who hosted it says she won't be doing it again! :) It is a LOT of work! I kinda wish I would have focused more on listing on Ebay since it was probably one of the busiest weeks of the year. I haven't listed much of anything new because I am behind on everything here at home now! Oh well...we have good memories of the week and being together!

I did sell a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Ladies Jeans today!
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $12.00 - Profit $12.01
Made a little on the shipping this time. I probably should have sent a refund of a couple of dollars on the shipping....most of the time I do. I ended up sending these in a priority bubble mailer so it cost less than what I originally thought but they are also getting them faster! What do you do? Do you always refund extra shipping charges? I usually do if it's much more than a dollar or so over....maybe I should on this one yet. They paid $8.83 so the difference is $3.78.
Also, the green striped shirt that I sold over the weekend that I said I lost money on....well I was thinking of a different shirt! This shirt I actually only paid $2.00 for so I made $5.87 clear.
Paid $2.00 - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $5.87
 The 2 shirts that I paid $9.38 each for at Goodwill are Greg Norman Golf Play shirts. I've had them listed for a few months. I've lowered the price to $14.95. I figure if I sell them I might break even.
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam



  1. Wow! What a great bazaar! Everything looks so wonderful! I adore those cupcakes. I used to do crafts and I eventually figured that I could never recoup the time I invested
    in making things, so I just gave them as gifts instead. It sounds like you all did really well though. Congratulations!

  2. Those snowman cupcakes are really cute! Sounds like you made out ok with the candy boxes but put in a lot of work. Most times I do not refund on the shipping, once in a while I do. I kinda figure there are other times I figure wrong and wind up losing on shipping so it evens out.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics from the bazaar. It looks like a lot of talented people involved. I love your candy boxes.

  4. Your chocolate boxes are so cute, and those cupcake snowmen are adorable! What a talented group!

  5. I agree with anonymous about the shipping. There is so much work that goes into creating a listing and shipping it, and very few of us charge any fees besides the cost of postage. If it turns out I can save a bit on postage and still get the merchandise to the buyer faster, I don't think they are owed a refund. I'll go the other way too - if it costs a dollar or less more than they paid to upgrade the shipping, I'll usually do that.