Sunday, December 29, 2013

More Button Sales!

Hello Everyone! Life gets so hectic sometimes, doesn't it? Or is it just me? Anyway, I'm writing a short post tonight. I sold 7 sets of buttons the other day! It was a nice order! The total with shipping was $42.25 and after shipping and fees and cost of buttons I made $30.22 profit! I really would love to get more buttons listed. I sure have plenty of them! 
45 Teal Buttons
Sold for $3.50

100 Colorful Buttons
Sold for $2.50

50 Green Buttons
Sold for $3.50

1/2 Cup of Pearl Buttons
Sold for $9.95

34 Purple Pearl Buttons
Sold for $5.00

50 Red Buttons
Sold for $3.00

1/2 Cup of Shabby Buttons
Sold for $4.95
In the past few days I've had 2 different people ask about ordering 30 quart jars from me but then they don't get back to me! I sure wish they would as the money would come in handy!
On another note, I had a lady that did order 20 jars from me on the 20th. I mailed them out the 21st and they were supposed to be delivered the 27th. She contacted me and hasn't received them yet. The tracking info hasn't been updated since they left my town but it does say they are in transit. Hopefully she will get them in a couple of days. She does live in California and I'm in Iowa plus there was a Sunday and a holiday in there so I hope all goes well!
I also had another lady that had ordered 4 pint jars and said she only received 3! I couldn't believe that I would have missed a jar but I did have a pint jar sitting on the floor by my desk so I'm thinking I must have missed it! Told you I was going crazy! So, there went over $7.00 to mail her the other jars. That took my profit on that order down to about $6.00. :(
I'm hoping to get lots listed Monday. Gotta get busy!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. My missing package just showed updated tracking. It's finally in a California processing center. Ask your buyer to be patient. There must be a huge backlog in the California area. Love your button photos!

  2. Thanks for the reminder on how profitable buttons can be! :D Your sets are beautiful.