Saturday, December 7, 2013

How I Pack My Jars

A couple of you wanted me to show how I pack my jars so since I sold 7 pint jars yesterday, I thought I would show how I wrapped them up!
7 Blue Ball Pint Jars - Paid $7.00 - Sold for $55.00 - Profit $43.37

Here are the jars that I sold. I have my big roll of bubble wrap, a box, tissue paper, newspaper, tape, and wrapping paper.
The first thing I do, which isn't really necessary, but I think it adds a little color to my packaging, is wrap each jar in some colorful tissue paper. Wouldn't ya know it but I was almost out of the colored stuff so I had to use a couple of sheets of white!

Next I take 2 squares of bubble wrap that are connected and roll up each jar and tape it down. I usually buy my bubble wrap at Wal-Mart in the big roll. Sometimes you can get the 200 sq. ft. package for $16.97 which makes each square about 8 1/2 cents each. So I use 2 squares for each jar which figures at about 17 cents to wrap each one.

This picture shows all the jars wrapped and I added a little note on the "Ball" tag to say "Thank You"!

Next I load all of the jars into the center of the box. I put them in standing up because the bottom of the jars are really sturdy so I feel like this helps to keep them from breaking. I like to make sure that there is at least an inch or more around all the edges so that I can stuff newspaper all around to keep them stable and safe. These jars are all packed in nice and snug. They aren't going to move around!
 Here I finish adding more newspaper on top and then the packing slip.

Next I tape the box all up and add an address label just in case the one on the front gets ripped off for some reason. I never used to do this until I had one package of jars go missing and they never did find them. They did find the label and some of the paper but the box wasn't attached! So this way even if the wrapping comes off, they will still know where it goes.

Next I use some pretty paper just to make the package a little more special. I do this partly because I am usually using a recycled box that has other markings on it and I just like my packaging to look nice. I get this particular paper at Dollar Tree....a whole role for a dollar! This is pretty sturdy stuff too....not just any ol flimsy paper.

I got this package all ready to go and realized that I didn't have my postal scale! We had our bazaar yesterday and my daughter was using my scale to weigh her fudge that she was selling! We left the scale at my sisters house! So I just made my own label and we will have to actually go into the Post Office this morning and probably wait in a long line to mail this....ugh! Anyway, I always write "Fragile" on all sides of the box. I have read before where that just makes the workers want to be more rough with the box. Maybe so, but I haven't had jars break in ages and ages. Maybe it's because I finally figured out how to pack them so they won't break.
So there you have it. This package took me about 20-25 minutes from start to finish. I will update the profit after I get the package mailed.
I also sold this Ralph Lauren shirt on Ebay:
Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt - Paid $1.69 - Sold for $9.95 - Profit $6.56
I am going back down to my sisters house for the second day of our craft sale/bazaar. Yesterday didn't quite turn out like we had hoped. Hopefully today will be better! I will do a post on it in the next day or so.
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam



  1. That looks like a great system! I always hesitate to wrap my boxes in paper because I worry about the paper ripping off that is a great idea to put the extra address label on the box too. Maybe I will use your idea, Thanks!!
    Hope you have a better day at the bazaar today!

    1. I always wonder what my packages look like by the time they get to the person. They probably look like they've been through the wringer! ~~Pam

  2. I love the paper you found at the Dollar Tree! I will have to look for it next time I am there! Your packing looks safe and secure. The process was not as bad as I thought it would be! Thanks for showing us!

    1. I was glad to do it! Dollar Tree also has a few other patterns in the same kind of brown paper....they have an animal paw print, a red balloon print, pink and brown polka dots, gold star, and a red check. They are all the heavier quality paper! ~~Pam

  3. Thanks for being so detailed in your packaging description.

  4. Good details! Thanks! I wrapped a package of mine once in paper and it of course went missing.. So I am anti wrapping paper around my packages. Good idea to add a second label with the address!!! :)