Sunday, December 15, 2013

Richard Scarry Books

I took pictures of these books all together the other night and then decided to see what they go for on eBay. I should have done that the other way around! I realized that maybe I should have just listed them separately as they might have went for more each on its own. Oh well, I guess I was lazy. I just wanted to type up one listing and be done with it! I started them at $10 and was worried that that's all I would get but I did get a second bidder and they sold for $16.50. I only paid 25 cents each for them so I did alright but maybe it could have been better....what do you think?
Paid $1.25 - Sold for $16.50+$6.26 S&H - Profit - $12.04


  1. I think you did great....I can't get scary books to sell at all

  2. Do you ever do a fixed price? I find that most things go for a little more that way.

    1. I do fixed price on lots of things but some things I start on auctions. I probably missed the boat on this one! ~~Pam

  3. I really think you could have gotten more for them, but every dollar helps! You made a profit, that is all that matters!