Thursday, February 6, 2014

There's No Spool Like an Old Spool

Yes, a silly title, I know. :) I love these old wooden spools of thread and other people seem to also. I can't remember for sure because I've had these awhile but I think I got a freezer bag full of different spools so I divided them up by color. I listed these a week or two ago and they sold yesterday.

Paid about $1.50 for both sets - Sold for $14.50 - Profit $12.65
Last night I started working on our taxes. I'm using TaxAct online. I got our basic information put in and the W-2's that my husband had. I wish I could just stop there...we would be getting back a pretty good refund! But, I have to add in my online business and then he has a lawn care business on the side so I'm sure that refund will go waaayyyy down. :( At least it's starting high enough that I don't think we'll have to pay least for Federal....might have to pay State. I'd like to get done with it by tomorrow night but that's probably pushing it. If I would have been good and kept track of all my mileage like I should have then it would be easier. As is, I'm going to have to go through my money program and see when I went to yard sales and thrift shops to estimate my mileage and then go through my sales and see how many times I would have gone to the post office! Yeah....I  need to get organized! My husband did way better than me...he kept track of his mileage really well so that'll help.
Well, I should get busy! Gotta powerful lot to do 'afore supper time! :) (quote from Bud Searcy on "Old Yeller") (from 2:00 - 3:27) ~~Pam

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  1. Mileage really adds up. It's one of our biggest expenses that I love to write off on our taxes.