Friday, February 20, 2015

This Weeks Update

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm! It's been freezing here the past few days! I just wanted to do an update since my last post. I have had 21 sales this past week! These Born shoes were the highest profit of the eBay sales.
Born Mary Jane Shoes
Paid $8.88 - Sold for $27.50 - Profit $16.68
For jar sales I had an order for 10 of these half gallon jars with a profit of $72.15 on those. I ended up selling 28 jars total this past week for a total profit on them of $190.60!
Next up are my button sales! I sold this lot of button cards for $22.50. I sold these plus 8 other sets of buttons for a total profit of $50.69. My total button sales for February so far is $81.00. I've really been trying to list more buttons this month. Speaking of buttons, my daughter and I went to an auction the other night that probably had as least 50 feet of tables full of buttons! I will do another post on the ones I bought.....didn't get nearly what I would have liked....there were too many rich button fanatics there apparently!

On with the magazines! I sold 3 this past week bringing my magazine profits up to $640.89! I have definitely figured out that the sporting magazines like "Hunting and Fishing" sell better than say the "Farming" magazines. I wish I had more of these but I only have a few left. I do have LOTS of the Farming ones so hopefully there is a collector out there somewhere! I did have a guy recently buy some magazines from me and I checked his store and he sells the advertisements from the magazines! He has thousands of them in his store and it looks like he does pretty good! Maybe I should take that up instead of selling the whole magazine!

So, those are the highlights from the past 9 days. Here's the breakdown since Feb. 11th:
Items Sold - 21
Total Gross sales - $437.95
Cost of inventory sold - $44.27
Total profit after fees and packing supplies - $346.12
Average price sold - $20.85 per order
New inventory bought - $112.68 ($60.50 for buttons...yikes! )
New items listed so far - 102.....I might actually make my goal this month!!!!
I need to try really hard to get my profit up to at least $500/week. Those numbers above are for 9 days so actually that would figure out at about  $269/week average. Gotta work harder!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. Hi Pam, congrats on your recent sales - so inspiring!! I had no idea that magazines were such great sellers, and apparently even the ads inside are worth some money! Thanks again for sharing your sales and good luck with your profit goals. Keep working and you'll get there, good luck!


  2. Pam, I'm really happy to see that your sales are improving and prices are rising. It always pained me to see you sell items so cheap. It looks like you work plenty hard, now keep working smarter so you make more money per listing.