Friday, October 28, 2016


A few months ago I bought a Playskool dollhouse at a yard sale for $15. I knew I wouldn't want to try to ship the big house but I also knew that the dolls and furniture were worth something! I ended up putting the dollhouse on Facebook for $20 to at least make a few dollars extra plus then the person could pick it up and I wouldn't have to ship it!
Paid $15 - Sold for $20 - Profit $5.00

I then sold the furniture that came with it for $14.95 on eBay. I probably should have listed it for more.
Already paid for - Sold for $14.95 - Profit $10.73

Next came the best part.....I sold the dolls!
Already paid for - Sold for $35.00 - Profit $30.35

Then I found another dollhouse just like the first one. I also paid $15 for it. Sold it and the furniture that came with it for $30 on Facebook so I made $15.00 profit. Then I sold the people and car that came with it.
Already paid for - Sold for $34.95 - Profit $30.69

I also realized that I had forgotten to put the railings on the first dollhouse so I listed those as replacement parts.
Already paid for - Sold for $14.95 - Profit $12.55

So, I paid $30 for the 2 dollhouses and accessories. I sold everything for $149.85 and made $104.32 profit! I see some listings where people sell the house and everything with it but it just seemed easier for me to piece it all out and sell the houses right here at home for easy pickup. I have an old Victorian dollhouse that my sister-in-law gave me to sell. Still need to take pictures of it.

Have any of you sold dollhouses? Which way did you list it?

Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. I have sold a lot of the vintage Fisher Price Little People pieces--furniture and the figures. I always made more money by selling individual pieces rather than by lot. I think if you had listed your furniture individually, you would have gotten more money. It's a pain, but often people are just looking for one piece and will pay a premium price. I once sold four figures that went to the vintage castle for a total of $84! You did well though!

    1. Wow! You did great on those! I appreciate your comment! I know I always second guess myself on which way to go with listing so I usually just try to do what feels like the right way to go depending on my circumstances. Sometimes I just want to get rid of stuff and list accordingly and sometimes I don't mind waiting for things to sell. It all just depends I guess! Thanks again for commenting! ~~Pam

  2. must admit ive sold the parts of Little Tikes Barbie and Sindy dolls houses . But at the moment im trying to motivate myself to clean Sindys caravan for listing

    1. Yeah, that's the worst part, cleaning up everything! Thanks for your comment! I checked out your blog and added it to my list! ~~Pam

  3. I bought a Melissa & Doug wooden dollhouse a couple years ago and sold it similarly. I sold the dollhouse on CL and some of the furniture and other accessories on eBay. I remember that there weren't actually as many extra pieces with it as the seller implied when I bought it, so while I made some money on it, it wasn't nearly as much as I had hoped when I bought it, for the effort involved.

    Last week I picked up a grab bag full of Calico Critters and accessories for $4 at a thrift. It seems like Calico Critters are always coming up as an ISO on the most active kids sales FB group I am a part of, so I am hoping I do well with it on eBay.

    1. I didn't know that Melissa & Doug made dollhouses! I looked them up on eBay...they're pretty neat! I hope you find some good buyers for your Calico Critters! Thanks for your comment! ~~Pam