Monday, August 8, 2016

August Update!

Hello everyone! So, it's been a couple of months since my last post....of course. Seems like it's hard to find the time, as usual! I've had a pretty good week this past week, for me anyway. I've really been trying to list more here lately and I think that's helped. I thought it'd be fun to post my numbers like others do so here goes: This is for the week of August 1st thru August 7th

Ebay Store:                                   

Items in store: 392                          
Sold: 9                                           
Cost of items sold: $18.52               
Total Sales - $265.71                       
Highest price sold - $62.50              
Average price sold - $29.52            
Returns - 0                                        
Cost of new inventory - $25.19       
New items listed - 17                      

Etsy Buttoncrazy:
Items in store: 151
Sold: 4    
Cost of items sold: $1.00
Total Sales - $17.25
Highest Price sold - $4.75
Average Price sold - $4.31
Returns - 0  
Cost of new inventory - 0
New items listed - 7

Etsy DownVintageLane
Items in store: 74
Sold: 2
Cost of items sold: $6.00
Total Sales - $36.95
Highest Sold - $30.00
Returns - 0
Cost of new - 0
New items listed - 2

So there you have it. I am really happy with the eBay numbers. In July I only sold 24 things for a total of $434.91. Today is the 8th and I've sold 10 items (just sold something!) for a total of $308.65 so I'm hopeful that I will far surpass last months totals. I'm going to try really hard!

As for my button shop on Etsy, I've been trying to list more this month. It's been pretty neglected for quite awhile and I have soooooooo many buttons that I need to get listed! I will probably never get them all listed but if I can just start getting even $50/week from buttons it would be nice! I love sorting's just kind of a calming thing to do! It's also fun to see what really neat buttons I find in the piles that I have! I've been keeping track of some numbers for the past couple of weeks to see if listing more is helping and of course it is. On July 22nd my views for the past week were at 92 views. Yesterday my views for the past week were 147! I also have had 3 orders of 5 pkgs. of buttons since July 22nd. I'm hoping that I can get things to really pick up soon. I know I'll never make a fortune on the buttons but it's just something that I love to do!

My vintage shop on Etsy is slow going lately. I'm running out of blue jars! Those are definitely my money maker in that shop. I did sell 5 clear pint jars over the weekend and then some jello molds too.

My goal for the rest of this month is to list 5 a day on eBay, 5 pkgs. of buttons a day on Etsy and 1 new vintage item in my Etsy vintage shop. We'll see how it goes!

Here are some of my good sales on eBay this past week!

2 Mary Poppins Collectable Plates
Paid $3.76 - Sold for $69.90 - Profit $55.14

Homer Laughlin Wheat Glasses & Caddy
Paid $2.00 - Sold for $49.95 - Profit $39.56

Skechers Shoes
Paid $4.88 - Sold for $62.50 - Profit $48.79

Skechers Sandals
Paid $5.00 - Sold for $25.00 - Profit $16.17

Pearl Button Cutter
Paid $1.00? - Sold for $17.50 - Profit $13.73 

10 Vintage Dresser Handles
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $19.95 - Profit $16.43

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great evening! ~~Pam


  1. It's fun seeing what people have and how their stores are going. My daughter is a mother of 8 also — from 24 down to 3! I don't know how she does it! I only had her! Any way, she lists on eBay, too, and does quite well, from what she says. She loves to go to the thrift stores to get things to resell. That's also how she keeps her kids in electronics and clothed! Thank you for sharing your success stories.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, it is fun to see what other people are doing! I'd love to see what your daughter finds and sells! Wow! Somebody like me with 8 kids and sells on eBay! :) ~~Pam

    2. Her eBay ID is Jawkoo. She has a few things going on right now. She is selling items from an estate that my sister-in-law and her sister are settling of their step-mother. She is also selling items that belonged to the estate of my step-father that my mother is settling. Other than that, she shops the thrift stores. From what I see of her inventory now, it seems like she might might purchase reduced items from some stores. I don't live near her, so I'm guessing on that last part. She makes quite a bit, from what she's told me. It looks like she's in a lull right now...maybe something to do with getting 6 of the kids off to school — from college down to pre-school! Again, I'm only guessing!

  2. You really had some nice sales Pam! I've been trying to get more listed too, sometimes I am so lazy about that. Last week I had 9 sales, but they were all low profit, so only made $60, ugh not good!
    Do you still put the ad in the local paper for the blue jars? Hopefully you can get more.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Yes, I put the ad in the paper but I forgot the past couple of months! I've got it again for this month though so hopefully I will get some calls! ~~Pam