Thursday, March 26, 2015


As I was cutting my husband and boys hair this afternoon I had one of the boys get the vacuum to vacuum off some of the hair on the other boys shoulders that I had cut. It reminded me of the "Flowbee" haircutting system that was advertised ages ago. I think I would like to have one! So I looked it up on eBay and sure enough there were lots on there for sale! If you'd like to see the completeds check here! Some have gone for $125!!! Something to keep on the lookout for this summer!


  1. That is so funny Pam. My hubby has been telling me for years to get him one of those. LOL. I do all the hair cutting for my hubs and 3 sons too. I don't need another gadget.

  2. They are $97 with shipping directly from flowbee dot com.

  3. Got mine April 15, 1989. Repaired the pwr supply (one rectifier diode) years later. DESPITE what Flowbee says, you CAN have the blades sharpened. Took them to my clipper blade sharpening guy. Still going strong. Every haircut is 15-20 bux in MY pocket.