Friday, January 30, 2015

A Good Month! (so far)

NOTE: I've had this post partially ready for a week or more and figured I would just finally post it already! I've made a few comments on some of the things I sold and toward the end you'll just see the numbers!
January has been a good month for me so far! I've had some good higher end sales which helps a lot! Lots of the things I've sold have been things that my family or friends have given me that they've found thrifting. Like these Florsheim shoes....they have the V cleat and 5 nails on the bottom. Apparently they are worth more. I had read Meinard's post about them and my sister Naomi did too. She's the one that found them....she thinks she only paid either $2 or $4 for them! She generously gave them to me to sell. I researched the prices and some sold for more and some for less. I didn't know for sure what to do so I went with $89.95 and listed them....they sold the next morning! I always feel like I probably listed for way less than I should have when that happens!
Mens Vintage V Cleat and 5 Nail Dress Shoes
Gift from my sister - Sold for $89.95 - Profit - $78.21
I am definitely going to more on the look out for shoes this summer at the yard sales! They are so easy to ship!

Nike Zoom Mens Shoes Size 14
Paid $4.00 - Sold for $25.00 - Profit $18.92
I had 7 salesman catalog cards of buttons listed on eBay. I got a message from a lady who wanted a deal on all of them so I offered them to her for less. Then I e-mailed her and told her about my ButtonCrazy shop on Etsy and that I had 28 more cards of them there and she wanted those also! That was a good deal that really helped out this week! 

35 Vintage Salesman Catalog Cards of Buttons
Gift from friend - Sold for $127.50 - Profit $119.52
Then a couple of days ago I had someone want 11 of my old magazines and they paid $90 including shipping so another good sale! Total profit on all of the old magazines I bought last year so far is $573.43 for 85 magazines! I still have lots more to take pictures of and list.
11 Successful Farming Magazines
Paid $1.32 - Sold for $90.00 w/fs - Profit $71.53
My oldest daughter had this marble run in case any kids came to her place but I guess she was cleaning out stuff and decided she didn't want it anymore. When she brought it to our house I thought...oh I don't want to mess with something like this but I looked it up and thought well...maybe I do! These are expensive and I made a nice little amount!

Quadrilla Marble Run
Gift from my daughter (she paid $5.00)
Sold for $99.95 - Profit $89.20
Blue Ball Pint Jar w/#13 on bottom
Paid $1.00 - Sold for $40.00 - Profit $34.63
Mens London Fog Trench Coat
Paid $5.38 - Sold for $49.95 - Profit $41.51

20 Qt. Jars and 20 Pint Jars
Paid $40.00 - Sold for $255.00 - Profit $183.43
12 Shabby Ball Jars
Paid $12.00 - Sold for $55.00 - Profit $38.45
2 Square Quart Jars and 2 Pint Jars
Paid $4.00 - Sold for $30.50 - Profit $23.85
Fisher Price Little People Lot of Furniture and People
Had forever here at home - Sold for $15.95 - Profit $13.25
From my Sister - Sold for $16.95 - Profit $13.57
George and Martha Silhouettes
From my Mom - Sold for $15.00 - Profit $12.84
I've sold more since these things but don't know when I'll get them up. Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. Congrats on a great month Pam. I pray it continues this way for you! :)

  2. Wow Pam that really was a great month! Those were some nice dollar sales too.
    I have had a decent amount of sales but mostly all small profit stuff.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Yeah, it's been fun because I usually sell stuff more in the $10-$20 range so this has really helped us out this month! ~~Pam

  3. Awesome! I have a London Fog jacket listed but no interest. I planned to go yard saling today but there's not many sales around. I'm disappointed. Hopefully things will pick up soon as people will start their spring cleaning.

    1. I found another London Fog jacket but so far nothing has happened with it. The one I sold was a size 52 and I think larger sizes sell easier sometimes. ~~Pam

  4. Wow! You've had a great month. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing the info on the Florsheims. I sell that brand often, but I didn't know about the v cleat with nails being worth more. Good to know :)

    1. Thanks Kim! It's always good to read other blogs to find out what's good, isn't it? I would never have known either! ~~Pam

  5. Great job! It's always fun to see what you've been selling!
    Erica :)