Sunday, March 16, 2014

Made My First Goal!

This week has been kinda slow. I sold this Coleman water jug Friday but am still waiting on the payment.
Gift to sell - Sold for $12.50
In my vintage shop I sold this cute little tin that holds 2 decks of playing cards. They have cute vintage images on them. I've had this forever and finally listed them the other night...they sold the same night!
Vintage Tin of Playing Cards
Paid 50 cents - Sold for $7.50 - Profit $6.53
I also sold these cute little vintage butter pat molds. I had these listed since last fall. 

3 Vintage Butter Pat Molds
Gift from my sister Naomi to sell - Sold for $4.50 - Profit $3.61
My original goal for this month was to list 1 item a day....I figured I just might be able to do that! :) I did make that goal the other day so now I have upped it to 2 items a day average so we'll see how I do. I can't wait till yard sales start. I'm just down to mostly nickel and dime stuff to list so it's hard to even do it but I figure this stuff isn't doing any good not being listed so I might as well do it! I wish I had more of the Perfect Mason blue Ball quart jars.....completely out of them right now. I put an ad in our local electric company paper and that should be out in a few days so hopefully I will get some calls! Those jars seem to be my money maker! I'm excited to look at yard sales this year for stuff to sell on Ebay. Last summer I was mainly looking for my Etsy shops but since my husband lost his job I started focusing more on Ebay since you can sell about anything on there. Even now, his pay his waaay less than his previous job so I really need to kick it up a few notches and sell way more than I'm selling just to pay the bills! So hopefully I will find lots of good treasures that will bring in good money!
Thanks for stopping by! ~~Pam


  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal!

  2. I hope you get more jars soon, I know you do really well with them!
    I did good listing this past week, listed I think 22 items which is good for me, but sales have been awful, hope that changes soon. I'm awaiting yard sale season too as my inventory is getting low.

    1. That's great to list that many things in a week! I really need to pick up the pace. I know if I list more I will probably sell more but I think listing is the thing I least like to do about this business! Gotta try to get over that! ~~Pam